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This edition seeks to clarify the different areas and jobs available within journalism and to make more accessible a profession that is competitive.
The media attracts a large number of school leavers and graduates each year - 24,000 people work in broadcast television and 23,000 in radio alone. Careers and Jobs in the Media covers a wide range of job opportunities and looks at the different sectors within this wide ranging industry. It includes crucial information on how to get a job in journalism, publishing, broadcast media (TV and Radio), film and new media. Each sector is described in detail with information on the structure of the industry, occupational areas, allied professions and how to get started. Packed with case studies, top tips, details of training courses, and a useful directory of contacts, it is a vital introduction to this increasingly popular industry.
In the KOGAN PAGE CAREERS series, a book which offers advice, to those studying geography, on possible careers using the subject. It includes information on areas such as cartography, teaching, planning, the environment, travel and tourism.
For those seeking a career using English, this title describes a number of employment areas and how to get into them. In addition, there are useful addresses for each employment field and a further reading section.
In today's world, multilingual communication and technology are vital for international business as more and more organizations regard Europe and beyond as their home ground. Anyone with language skills can play a vital role, as these skills are increasingly important, indeed essential, in many workplaces. Not only can languages help to secure some of the most interesting and well-paid job opportunities, they can also be your passport to working and travelling abroad.
Each title in this series answers the most frequently asked questions on any particular career area and includes information on qualifications, training, pay and career prospects. This book focuses on photography.
The range of jobs and careers that make use of an interest in music is very broad, but many people do not know how to make working in music into a reality. This book clearly explains the variety of posts available, covering everything from performer (whether in a rock band or a symphony orchestra) to sound engineer and the gamut of jobs available in radio and education. With tips for getting in and on in a highly competitive career, the book also includes a list of useful addresses and futher reading.

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