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We live in a time of fast moving, complex change on both the personal and the global level. Welcome or unwelcome, nothing is more certain than the constant and uncertain movement of change. Whether change is met with excitement or met with fear, we can easily become overwhelmed by all of that movement. ChangeAbility = the ability to effectively navigate change with more ease What is your ChangeAbility? Sharon Weil engages twenty-five leading change-makers: artists, political and environmental advocates and activists, teachers, spiritual leaders, psychotherapists, somatic practitioners, and more in a conversation about how to meet change, hold hope, align with nature, have courage, and find the passion that fuels responsive innovation. Based on Weil's acclaimed podcast, Passing 4 Normal: Conversations with Authors, Artists, Activists and Awakeners about Seeding Change in the World, this book weaves together the insight, humor, compassion and hard-earned wisdom of those who have mastered the art of ChangeAbility in a wide range of applied experiences.
How will you meet the movement of change? This book will improve your ChangeAbility. It will walk you through the personal and public changes of your own life and help you find new approaches in meeting those changes. It will teach you how to locate yourself in change, and how to use the Seven Principles for Change to bring you new ideas and choices in navigating change. Above all, this book will help you reframe how you look at the changes in your life, even the difficult ones, to provide you with more resources, suggestions, solutions, creativity, and hope.
"This is the book we need now . . . [It] illuminates the deeper "whys" behind each kind of clutter in your home so that you can peacefully release everything you need to and live buoyantly again!"—Sarah Bamford Seidelmann, author of Swimming with Elephants: My Unexpected Pilgrimage from Physician to Healer Get to the Heart of Why It's So Hard to Let Go of Your Stuff What's your clutter actually covering up? Once you're aware of the real issue, letting go is simple and decluttering can happen immediately. Using step-by-step instructions and easy-to-understand explanations, Tisha Morris shows you how to move into a new phase of life by ridding yourself of all that's holding you back. Everything in your home is an extension of your identity, and when you keep old stuff for too long, you get stuck in the past. Clutter Intervention teaches you about the psychological, emotional, and energetic components underlying your possessions, making it easier for you to let go and live authentically. Discover ways to clear out items associated with your past relationships, jobs, and unhealed grief. Learn how to handle blind spots, common excuses, and overcompensation. This book isn't about living with less. It's about living in alignment with the life you want.
Someone is out to own all the seeds of the world, and it''s going to take some good sex to stop them. Really good sex that ignites passion, and makes heroes out of slackers, and turns muted travel agents into Mother Earth-connected she-roes. But our heroine, Ursula, has never even had an orgasm. So, she's taken up belly dancing, is on an all-green diet, and now she's met Donny. Could it be they'll save the world? This story wheels and banks in eccentric glee, as love, sex, seeds and greed collide in outrageous climax. As they fumble their way to bravery, the flaws and foibles of Donny, Ursula, and their rebel friends, are at once surprising, ridiculous, scary, and heartwarming. And very sexy.
Richard Pryor's life story is one of the most controversial and shocking of any performer in American history. Raised in the bars and whorehouses of Peoria, where he gained first-hand knowledge of racism and hypocrisy, he toiled for years as a bland Cosby clone before finding his true voice as one of America's most brilliant comedians -- and one of its most profound, and profane, social critics. At the apex of his career -- one of Hollywood's biggest stars, and one of the most influential black men in the world -- it all came tumbling down in a maelstrom of drugs, multiple marriages, heart attacks, violence, and suicide attempts, finally ending in a notorious incident where he lit himself on fire while freebasing cocaine. Pryor Convictions tells the uncensored story of the man behind the myth. Written in Pryor's own words, this human and compelling account is like the man himself: raw, funny, fearless, and completely unforgettable.
Seventeen-year-old Quinn can't feel physical pain. Born with a rare neurological condition, he's faced accidents and emergency room visits. It's a surprise he's still alive--a fact that has caused him to be left to his own devices for most of his life. No school, no friends, no rules. At the mercy of his older sister Caitlin, who has spent the past few years caring for their dying father, he spends his days drinking at a nearby bar, testing his limits, and working on a graphic novel about a mysterious vigilante called Shadow Man. Lately, though, even his art has taken a turn for the worse. Quinn has created a new character called Demon Boy who destroys everything he touches, and now Quinn can't decide how his book should end. Furthermore, an ominous black dog has started to follow him everywhere. On the same day his father dies, Quinn accidentally gets hit by a car and Caitlin decides that this is the last straw. Left with the choice to either find a job and grow up or be committed to a rehabilitation center, Quinn takes a gig at a local butcher shop owned by the father of a sensitive but troubled girl who often changes her appearance with the flick of a wrist. But the closer he gets to finding stability, the further he spins out of control, as the lines between art and reality continue to dissipate. In this debut novel, Jamie Mayer offers an unflinching and poignant look at loss, empathy, and how to grow up without feeling pain.

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