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The tragic story of the doomed romance between Charlotte, heir to the English throne, and Leopold, uncle of Queen Victoria and first King of the Belgians. A story that Jane Austen famously declined to tell, declaring: “I could no more write a romance than an epic poem.” Charlotte was the only legitimate royal child of her generation, and her death in childbirth resulted in a public outpouring of grief the like of which was not to be seen again until the death of Diana, over 150 years later. Charlotte’s death was followed by an unseemly scramble to produce a substitute heir. Queen Victoria was the product. James Chambers masterfully demonstrates how the personal and the political inevitably collide in scheming post-Napoleonic Europe, offering a vivid and sympathetic portrait of a couple whose lives are in many ways not their own. From the day she was born, Charlotte won the hearts of her subjects and yet, behind the scenes, she was used, abused, and victimized by rivalries—between her parents; between her father (the Prince Regent, later King George IV) and (Mad) King George III; between her tutors, governesses, and other members of her discordant household; and ultimately between the Whig opposition and the Tory government. Set in one of the most glamorous eras of British history, against the background of a famously dysfunctional royal family, Charlotte & Leopold: The True Story of The Original People’s Princess is an accessible, moving, funny, and entertaining royal biography with alluring contemporary resonance. James Chambers is a professional historian and author of many books on British and colonial history, including The Daily Telegraph History of the British Empire, which sold over 250,000 copies. He has also written extensively for television and made countless BBC TV and radio appearances.
Die Wiener Geschichte einer europäischen Dynastie Hohe herrschaftliche Säulen, elegante weiße Fassade – das Palais Coburg in Wien vermittelt den Eindruck von Macht und Weltbedeutung. Mit der Hochzeit Ferdinand Georgs von Sachsen-Coburg und Maria Antonia Kohárys beginnt hier im frühen 19. Jahrhundert der kometenhafte Aufstieg der österreichischen Coburger, die im Lauf ihrer Geschichte zahlreiche gekrönte Häupter, Könige wie Zaren, hervorbringen. Neben glanzvollen Festen und Triumphen ist das Palais in Wien jedoch auch Schauplatz so mancher menschlichen Tragödie. Günter Fuhrmann erzählt erstmals die Geschichte der Wiener Coburger von den Anfängen bis heute und zeichnet dabei das eindrucksvolle Porträt einer großen Familie. Mit zahlreichen, zum Teil erstmals veröffentlichten Abbildungen
Royal events such as coronations and jubilees encompass a wide spectrum of planned events involving monarchs and their families that are strategically designed to reinforce the role of royalty within social and political structures. Royal events may have a long heritage, but often involve traditions that are invented, revived or undergoing major innovations in response to changing times or to meet different purposes. The change from absolutism towards constitutional monarchies has seen a shift towards using royal events to promote national identity, community and inclusiveness. While the function and meaning of royal ritual and ceremony is a product of its particular political, economic and cultural context, conversely, royal events are often an influence on the broader milieu. This book is the first to explore royal events within the context of Events Studies, and takes an historical approach, examining the development of royal events through different periods. It starts with four broad pre-modern eras, namely Classical, Byzantine, the Dark Ages and the Medieval Period, then moves through to the early modern dynasties such as the Tudors, Stuarts, Georgians and Bourbons and on to contemporary times, incorporating the Victorian and Edwardian eras and the current reign of Elizabeth II, including the legacy of Diana and an analysis of current issues affecting royal events. Themes emphasised throughout include the institutional dynamism of royalty, the invention of tradition, the ritual structure of events, the impact of the media and the influence of individual tastemakers. This multidisciplinary work will appeal to postgraduate students and academics from a wide variety of disciplines, including cultural studies, history, tourism, events and sociology.
Believe it or not, this is probably the first book to attempt to identify the original sources of some of the English language's most common expressions. We might think we know who first said famous for fifteen minutes, annus horribilis, the cold war and let them eat cake. It's a no brainer, you might say, but Max Cryer has a surprise or two in store for you. I kid you not. In this very readable book, he explores the origins of hundreds of expressions we use and hear every day and comes up with some surprising findings. Never economical with the truth, he might just have the last laugh.
Die Windsors sind kein Königshaus wie jedes andere. Sie gehören nicht allein zum Revier der Regenbogenpresse, sondern haben viel mehr zu bieten: eine ältere Geschichte, eine stärkere Symbolkraft für die Gesellschaft und größere Skandale.

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