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[BookStrand Contemporary Romance, HEA] Baylee Gallagher is a successful attorney in San Francisco. She's met her career goals and now she's ready to start a family. And, she has specific criteria for that family. Namely a baby, but no husband. She's set to use a sperm bank until she sees Doctor Grant Blackhawk. He's perfect, and in her direct way she decides to just ask him to father her baby. With no prior warning she arranges to meet him. Dr. Grant Blackhawk is blindsided when Baylee propositions him. He's against single parenting by choice. He doesn't see her request as a compliment and makes it crystal clear. So why can't he get her out of his mind? Long after she is back in San Francisco, she is still haunting his dreams. Adding to his torment is the fact that the totem he denies exists is asserting itself. Its surreal instincts know Baylee is Grant's mate, or in the pure human vernacular, his soul mate. ** A BookStrand Mainstream Romance
[Menage Amour 34: Futuristic Menage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/F with various combination of M/M, M/F, M/M/F, M/M/M, monogamous polyamory] Dr. Emilia Hypatia is recently-graduated and looking for adventure. She's an Alpha-ranked healer, has a degree in psychology, and empath training. Fresh out of a bad relationship with a cheating ex, her five-year assignment to the Deep Space Mission Corps vessel, Tamora Bight, seems ideal. Especially when she meets the three handsome crewmen she'll spend her time caring for--in more ways than one. First Officer Caphis Bates is playful and rowdy. Mate Ford Caliban is her intellectual and emotional partner. But it's Captain Aaron Lucio who is an enigma; passionate, with a deeply wounded and carefully guarded soul. While sharing their communal bed is a scorchingly sensual experience, Emi soon learns the three men suffer a shared grief, their "crew story." She patiently works to unlock their secret past, but space exploration is cold--and cruel. Will time run out for all of them before she can heal their hearts? ** "I love wounded heroes. I think a character is much richer when he (or she) is trying to overcome not only current obstacles, but issues from their past as well. It makes me cheer them on that much more. I'm looking forward to seeing where these characters take me in future stories." ~ Tymber ** A Siren erotic romance
[BookStrand Contemporary Romance, HEA] Galynn Taylor is running from a violent domestic relationship. Injured, she makes her way across the country. When she decides to walk to the next town to throw off the pursuit, a storm catches her and she collapses on the side of the road. Freezing, hurt, and not sure how much farther it is to the next town, she is ready to give up. Cooper Blackhawk finds her and, after getting her treatment, takes her home. At first Cooper is in protective mode, but all too soon that grows into something more. The attraction is mutual. He wants more, but Galynn is terrified that Mick will find her and hurt Cooper or his family in trying to get to her. She can’t risk that and runs again. This time she leaves her heart, but unknowingly keeps a part of Cooper with the baby she carries. ** A BookStrand Mainstream Romance
[BookStrand Contemporary Romance] It's too much. Katherine goes from single and sharing an apartment with two roommates to being a mother to her orphaned niece. With no other family, it's just her and Jodi. Short of money, and knowing the night job she holds will put additional trauma on her niece, Katherine seeks a live-in domestic position. Ross Huntington has just finished with the last of a series of unsatisfactory baby sitters. He's raising his two boys by himself, and while he has family support he hates having to depend entirely on his parents to provide child care. They need each other, and what they can offer each other seems ideal except these two people attract attention. They're young, beautiful and no one in Ross's home town is going to believe Katherine is just the nanny. Solution: Marriage. Rules: In name only. This title was previously published. ** A BookStrand Mainstream Romance
The Springtide of Life – Poems of Childhood is an anthology, collected by Edmund Gosse, containing Algernon Charles Swinburne’s enchanting verses for children. Swinburne (1837 – 1909) was a celebrated English poet and playwright, who was nominated for the Nobel Prize in every year from 1903 to 1907, and again in 1909. His poems are here decorated with the delicate and romantic illustrations of Arthur Rackham. Gosse once told Rackham that ‘this volume will not merely be the best book of the present art-season, but a joy to all sensitive people for years and years to come.’ He was correct in his estimations, and this text continues to delight readers both young and old, almost a century after its initial publication. Arthur Rackham (1867-1939), was one of the most celebrated painters of the British Golden Age of Illustration (which encompassed the years from 1850 until the start of the First World War), Rackham’s artistry is quite simply, unparalleled. Throughout his career, he developed a unique style, combining haunting humour with dream-like romance. Presented alongside the text of ‘The Springtide of Life – Poems of Childhood’, his illustrations further refine and elucidate Swinburne and Gosse’s masterful storytelling.
[BookStrand Romantic Suspense, HEA] In the midst of recovering from a severe blow to the head, theater actress Alicia Coleman comes to know the man whose home she awoke in and realizes the two of them share a complicated past. A series of dreams prompts her to suspect the most outrageous of possibilities--that the man holding her prisoner may actually be her lover. Surrounding threats cause Alicia to realize that proving her theory true--or not--may be her only chance of keeping her attacker from coming after her a second time. A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

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