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“The rise and fall of Venice’s empire is an irresistible story and [Roger] Crowley, with his rousing descriptive gifts and scholarly attention to detail, is its perfect chronicler.”—The Financial Times The New York Times bestselling author of Empires of the Sea charts Venice’s astounding five-hundred-year voyage to the pinnacle of power in an epic story that stands unrivaled for drama, intrigue, and sheer opulent majesty. City of Fortune traces the full arc of the Venetian imperial saga, from the ill-fated Fourth Crusade, which culminates in the sacking of Constantinople in 1204, to the Ottoman-Venetian War of 1499–1503, which sees the Ottoman Turks supplant the Venetians as the preeminent naval power in the Mediterranean. In between are three centuries of Venetian maritime dominance, during which a tiny city of “lagoon dwellers” grow into the richest place on earth. Drawing on firsthand accounts of pitched sea battles, skillful negotiations, and diplomatic maneuvers, Crowley paints a vivid picture of this avaricious, enterprising people and the bountiful lands that came under their dominion. From the opening of the spice routes to the clash between Christianity and Islam, Venice played a leading role in the defining conflicts of its time—the reverberations of which are still being felt today. “[Crowley] writes with a racy briskness that lifts sea battles and sieges off the page.”—The New York Times “Crowley chronicles the peak of Venice’s past glory with Wordsworthian sympathy, supplemented by impressive learning and infectious enthusiasm.”—The Wall Street Journal
Elidore, still intent on restoring Vael's health despite setbacks and betrayals, tracks the Chalice to Gwynned, where he must once again face danger and overcome the Defiler--all the while unsure of whom he can trust.
In what has emerged as one of the most desirable places to live at the turn of this new century, the journey of Chico since its inception is one of growth as well as remembrance. A rich cultural heritage is as responsible for development of this diverse community as its fertile soils were in creating an economic stronghold. From the traditions and teachings of the Mechoopda Indians to its present day reputation as an educational bastion, Chico serves as a backbone of the budding Central Valley.
"From famous frescos and family restaurants to meditative spots that soothe the soul, To Florence... reveals unsung treasures and fascinating cultural gems. ...intimate collection of "must-sees" is an indispensable guide...."-- Back cover.
In 1986 a young Englishman meets an American recluse said to have made a fortune on Wall Street through clairvoyance. Drawn into what may an elaborate fraud operated by powerful, eccentric people, he considers the nature of deception and the allure of prophesy as he is taken on a dreamlike journey where things are not as they seem…
Arthur Hamilton, imprisoned for armed robbery and manslaughter, a college graduate, and the founder of Fathers Behind Bars, Inc., tells the story of his life.
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