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This Christmas a little dog is in for a BIG adventure...
A Christmas Adventure in Little Italy will enchant young and old alike with its wonderful story, beautiful drawings, and even the recipe for Nonna's biscotti.
Late in Claude Rains’s distinguished career, a reverent film journalist wrote that Rains “was as much a cinematic institution as the medium itself.” Given his childhood speech impediments and his origins in a destitute London neighborhood, the ascent of Claude Rains (1889–1967) to the stage and screen is remarkable. Rains’s difficulties in his formative years provided reserves of gravitas and sensitivity, from which he drew inspiration for acclaimed performances in The Invisible Man (1933), Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), Casablanca (1942), Notorious (1946), Lawrence of Arabia (1962), and other classic films. In Claude Rains: An Actor’s Voice, noted Hollywood historian David J. Skal draws on more than thirty hours of newly released Rains interviews to create the first full-length biography of the actor who was nominated multiple times for an Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor. Skal’s portrait of the gifted actor also benefits from the insights of Jessica Rains, who provides firsthand accounts of the enigmatic man behind her father’s refined screen presence and genteel public persona. As Skal shows, numerous contradictions informed the life and career of Claude Rains. He possessed an air of nobility and became an emblem of sophistication, but he never shed the insecurities that traced back to his upbringing in an abusive and poverty-stricken family. Though deeply self-conscious about his short stature, Rains drew notorious ardor from female fans and was married six times. His public displays of dry wit and good humor masked inner demons that drove Rains to alcoholism and its devastating consequences. Skal’s layered depiction of Claude Rains reveals a complex, almost inscrutable man whose nuanced characterizations were, in no small way, based on the more shadowy parts of his psyche. With unprecedented access to episodes from Rains’s private life, Skal tells the full story of the consummate character actor of his generation. Claude Rains: An Actor’s Voice, gives voice to the struggles and innermost concerns that influenced Rains’s performances and helped him become a universally respected Hollywood legend.
In this latest adventure, on a winter's day, Claude goes from throwing snowballs and making snowmen to causing an all-out avalanche! Claude was selected for the Waterstone's Children's Book Prize and the Richard and Judy Book Club. Alex T. Smith is the World Book Day Illustrator 2014. Praise for Claude: '...illustrated with humour and elegance...' - The Times 'With quirky illustrations and plenty of humour...' - Metro Follow the author at and
Stowing away on the great ship, the Northern Star, which is traveling from South Africa, back across the vast and terrifying Atlantic Ocean toward New York, Claude Henry's latest adventure is driven. Claude Henry saves a young sailor, Jim, from drowning when the sailor is knocked overboard in a violent storm, and Claude Henry finding himself being thrown overboard as well. Jim and Claude Henry are now lost on the great Atlantic ocean, and being carried away on a large well-sealed wooden crate. When Jim awakens from a long sleep he finds himself staring into the eyes of a little gray mouse. When Claude Henry finally speaks in English, the young sailor is surely surprised at what he hears, and their adventure together begins with landing on a deserted beach where pirates regularly visit, and hungry seagulls threaten Claude Henry. It's a time for fast thinking and quick action as Jim and Claude Henry struggle to survive in this new great action packed, fun-filled adventure. Once again, Claude Henry, the Iditarod Mouse struggles for the freedom and rights of the Mouse World.
Great Eagle brings word to Claude Henry that the great white elephant wants to do away with the mouse world. Claude Henry travels to South Africa to deal out some old fashioned mouse justice. Claude Henry invites you to join him in his second great adventure as he explores the great and mysterious South Africa. Along the way Claude Henry meets some new and exciting friends. Seaweed, the little South American mouse Great Eagle plucks from the Atlantic Ocean just in time. Claude Henry is befriended by the ever famous Choka Zulu, leader of all Zulu mice in South Africa. Claude Henry has never been to South Africa, and again with his faithful companions-Treetop, Rambo and Rowdy-by his side, Claude Henry is determined to risk his life to save the mouse world and protect his friends. Across the vast and terrifying Atlantic Ocean toward South Africa, Claude Henry's adventure is driven. Along crocodile and snake infested rivers, lions and wildebeests, hungry vultures and the ever-famous Steppe Eagles of South Africa, our little warriors travel on. Once again Claude Henry, the Iditarod Mouse struggles for the freedom and rights of the Mouse World.
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