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The 2015-16 season marked a significant moment in Clemson football history. Not only did the team play in its first national championship in thirty-four years, but the nation also finally took note of the burgeoning renaissance. When Dabo Swinney told a national television audience about his team's willingness to "bring your own guts" after an emotional win over Notre Dame, it was a spontaneous line to a television reporter in the delirious, rain-soaked aftermath of a landmark victory. But Swinney's comment also underscored the identity and drive that would fuel a truly special season. Larry Williams relays the intimate details of Swinney's life, his impact on Tiger Town and his mission to create an elite program on and off the field.
From the beginning of the season, Dabo Swinney's rallying cry was "joy." Each week for opponents, though, was another joyless occasion against a big orange machine that found its high gear midseason. The results shook the foundation of college football. In 2015 and 2016, the Tigers needed to bring their own guts to achieve great things. In Swinney's 10th season, they brought their own sledgehammers. Larry Williams, who has covered Clemson and Swinney since 2004, unearths revealing anecdotes from Dabo's tenure and shares how a season dominated by Alabama hype ended up overwhelmed by a Clemson tide.
ينظر إلى التفكيرين الناقد والإبداعي على نطاق واسع على أنهما قطبان منفصلان ، ويرى كثيرون أن التأملات الجادة للمفكر الناقد والرحلات التخيلية للعقل الإبداعي على طرفي نقيض بالكامل ، في حين أنهما في الواقع يسيران جنبا إلى جنب ، فكلاهما يثيران الإبتكار، ويصوران خرائط طريق تستطيع تغيير العالم الكتاب الذي بين يديك يقدم هذين النمطين المعرفيين المتكاملين معا ، ويبين كيفية تطوير القدرة على التفكير بطرق ناقدة وإبداعية ، حيث يكشف كل فصل فيه مجموعة متنوعة من الأدوات والأساليب المعرفية الضرورية ، التي يمكن للإنسان أن يوظفها لتحقيق التوازن والتناغم بين التفكير الناقد والتفكير الإبداعي

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