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Every year healthy volunteers and patients worldwide take part in clinical trials. Many of them will be bewildered by the jargon and medical terminology used during their participation. This book seeks to de-mystify the process of drug development in general, and clinical trials in particular.
Every year, hundreds of thousands of healthy volunteers and patients worldwide undertake the journey through the maze that can be clinical trials. Research participants take part in clinical trials for a variety of reasons. The healthy volunteers may be seeking extra money to pay off college tuition, or they may know someone who is suffering and would potentially benefit from the results of the trial. The patient who is terminally ill might participate in a clinical trial simply as a last hope for a cure. Whatever the goals, though, most participants will experience the same sense of bewilderment as they encounter the jargon and medical terminology that they will hear and have to read about and understand during the course of the clinical trial. Clinical Trials: What Patients and Volunteers Need to Know demystifies the entire process, focusing on the process of drug development, and the clinical trial itself. Writing from a lifetime of experience, the author provides important questions to ask those running a clinical trial, key definitions and terms for a participant to know and understand, as well as anecdotes illustrating the clinical trial process. The author also grapples with the idea of "informed consent," providing mechanisms for patients and volunteers to feel fully informed before signing up for the trial. A vital resource for those who are considering enrolling in a clinical trial, or for the parents, friends, or relatives of those involved in a clinical trial, this book takes away the mystery and allows the participant to enter a clinical trial feeling both informed and confident.
This booklet is designed for use in clinical trials of all new therapies. It is designed to assist the physician in working with patients in clinical trials & answers the many questions that they have before making the decision to participate. This booklet will help patients to understand some of the basics of clinical research, providing answers to all key questions: * what a clinical trial is * the role & rights of a volunteer subject * what they should consider when deciding whether to participate * what informed consent is * what questions they should ask about the study * what they can expect from your participation & what you should not expect.
Informed consent (Medical law).
Critical Government Documents on Health Care reviews of many of the major health issues facing us today. The book does not argue any one viewpoint. Instead, it is an attempt to gather together information from as many sources as possible and presents arguments for and against the issues covered so that you the reader can come to your own conclusions. Areas covered include killer diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, respiratory diseases, and obesity. It discusses the arguments for and against immunization and looks at issues which impact your health such as the environment and pollution. There is a detailed section on Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia and the problems it poses for healthcare providers and caregivers, and this is coupled with all the other issues that arise from a growing aging population. Finally, the book discusses external threats such as pandemics, Ebola, and other diseases that can rapidly spread from continent to continent and what is and should be done to contain them. About the Series: The Critical Documents Series looks at critical issues of our times. It provides non-partisan information with no spin about critical players, events, and information from and about Washington from as many sources as possible — from scientific journals and government reports to political manifestos and lobby group publications. It presents arguments for and against the issues covered so that you the reader can come to your own conclusions.
This book provides a richly detailed contribution to the understanding of healthy volunteer experiences in clinical drug trials in the UK. Contemporary society, especially the West, has seen a significant increase in the production and use of pharmaceutical products, particularly for disease treatment. However, despite the large numbers of people involved, particularly in the UK, very little is known about their experiences in commercial phase I clinical drug trials. Shadreck Mwale critiques common conceptions of the terms ‘volunteer’ and ‘altruism’ as used in policy and practice of human involvement in clinical trials and calls for an awareness of the complexity of the terms and how the social contexts participants find themselves in shape acts of voluntarism. Based on extensive empirical evidence and conceptual analysis, the book presents new insights into the lives of healthy volunteers, challenges bioethical conceptions and generates new frameworks for policy and practice of FIHCTs. It will be of particular interest to scholars and practitioners in the wider social sciences, medical Sociology and medical anthropology, pharmacology and bioethics.
Ce Lexipro rassemble les mots indispensables pour communiquer en anglais dans le domaine de la santé dans une perspective professionnelle. Il comprend le vocabulaire médical général classé selon les principaux domaines de la médecine, le vocabulaire relevant des établissements de santé et enfin celui de la santé publique. Sans prétendre être exhaustif, ce lexique est conçu comme un outil de travail présentant un panorama aussi large que possible, base indispensable pour une exploration plus fine des thèmes abordés.

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