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The description for this book, Knot Groups. Annals of Mathematics Studies. (AM-56), Volume 56, will be forthcoming.
This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory of elliptic genera due to Ochanine, Landweber, Stong, and others. The theory describes a new cobordism invariant for manifolds in terms of modular forms. The book evolved from notes of a course given at the University of Bonn. After providing some background material elliptic genera are constructed, including the classical genera signature and the index of the Dirac operator as special cases. Various properties of elliptic genera are discussed, especially their behaviour in fibre bundles and rigidity for group actions. For stably almost complex manifolds the theory is extended to elliptic genera of higher level. The text is in most parts self-contained. The results are illustrated by explicit examples and by comparison with well-known theorems. The relevant aspects of the theory of modular forms are derived in a seperate appendix, providing also a useful reference for mathematicians working in this field.
These lectures, delivered by Professor Mumford at Harvard in 1963-1964, are devoted to a study of properties of families of algebraic curves, on a non-singular projective algebraic curve defined over an algebraically closed field of arbitrary characteristic. The methods and techniques of Grothendieck, which have so changed the character of algebraic geometry in recent years, are used systematically throughout. Thus the classical material is presented from a new viewpoint.
The present monograph grew out of the fifth set of Hermann Weyl Lectures, given by Professor Griffiths at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, in fall 1974. In Chapter 1 the author discusses Emile Borel's proof and the classical Jensen theorem, order of growth of entire analytic sets, order functions for entire holomorphic mappings, classical indicators of orders of growth, and entire functions and varieties of finite order. Chapter 2 is devoted to the appearance of curvature, and Chapter 3 considers the defect relations. The author considers the lemma on the logarithmic derivative, R. Nevanlinna's proof of the defect relation, and refinements of the classical case.
The description for this book, Composition Methods in Homotopy Groups of Spheres. (AM-49), Volume 49, will be forthcoming.

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