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Arranged by category and color of stone, provides values and tips for identifying, locating, buying, and collecting rocks, gems, and minerals.
Agates: Treasures of the Earth is the first popular guide to these beautiful gemstones. Agate collectors worldwide are drawn to its infinite variety of colourations and banding. This book captures that enthusiasm and reveals how and where agates form, together with a comprehensive identification guide. Sumptuously illustrated with full colour photographs of superb mineral specimens from around the world, this is both an up-to-date reference source and an accessible introduction to the life of agates.
This book documents what is likely the most complete collection of agates worldwide. It contains pictures of more than 1250 of the choicest and rarest specimens of sagenite, plume, and banded agate along with some other fine lapidary materials from Pat McMahan's personal collection. The specimens featured in the book come from over 300 locations world-wide. Most of the agates pictured in this book are self-collected by the author. These specimens were collected from 19 states in the Untied States, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, and Alaska. Also included are interesting personal collecting stories, prospecting techniques, and mining history of various locations.
Among the rarest and most prized minerals, agate is one of the most exquisite examples of nature's artwork. A striking rock that occurs in various shapes and sizes, with a vivid assortment of colors, agates are coveted by collectors and becoming rarer across the globe. Although the Bluegrass State is usually overlooked in the international study of agate, some of the most beautiful and colorful specimens in the world are hidden away in the rugged terrain of eastern Kentucky's scenic Knobs Region. Kentucky Agate is the first book to showcase the unique mineral, treasured for its fine grain and vibrant banks of deep, varied colors. Authors Roland L. McIntosh and Warren H. Anderson have collected hundreds of professional color photographs, revealing the beauty and diversity of this sought-after stone. With detailed maps of the region surrounding the city of Irvine, Kentucky, including parts of Estill, Powell, Jackson, Menifee, Madison, and Lee counties, Kentucky Agate reveals locations where agate may be found. Featuring full-color photographs showing aspects of the rock not visible to the naked eye, this book also provides detailed information on the history, geology, chemistry, and formation of the mineral, giving collectors and Kentucky nature enthusiasts a stunning look into the world of agate collection and the hidden story of the breathtaking formation of the official state rock.
The magical world of crystals! Crystals have been used as items of great spiritual significance and powerful personal adornments for thousands of years. Whether collected for their beauty, for research, or as tools in healing practices, The Crystal Guide provides a comprehensive reference to crystals, their purpose, spiritual qualities, and how to identify them in one easy-to-use and dazzlingly colorful book. Organized alphabetically, the book spotlights more than 200 of the most popular crystals, from andalusite to zoisite, and includes an overview of each one, along with mineral, astrological, chakra, numerical, and metaphysical properties, and value. Other features include: 400+ delightful color photos Tips for locating, buying, and collecting Geological formation of crystals Use and care of crystals

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