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At a time when Colin Powell is being discussed as a possible vice-presidential candidate for the Republican party, a growing segment of the population is asking whether racial prejudice has lost its power. But not so fast: In this startling, sharply insightful, and eye-opening book, Ellis Cose trains his practiced eye on the murky waters of race in America and looks at the acute differences, even hostility, in our perceptions of race exposed by the 0. J. Simpson trial, not to mention the controversial content of The Bell Curve. In doing so he addresses whether it is possible for the United States to simply wipe the racial slate clean and surmount its racist past, or if color blindness may be just another name for denial. In a world where it is often believed that lighter skin means higher status, money is the great equalizer, and education will set you free, Color-Blind brilliantly reveals why race may be a larger-and smaller-issue than many people think. With the keen observational powers of a professional journalist and the concrete solutions of a true visionary, Ellis Cose delivers his most powerful and important book to date.
JoAnn Moody shows majority campuses, faculty, and administrators how to dismantle the high barriers that block women and especially minorities from entry and advancement in the professoriate. Good practices for improving recruitment, evaluation, mentorship, and retention are offered.
Is a racial structure still firmly in place in the United States? White Supremacy and Racism answers that question with an unequivocal yes, describing a contemporary system that operates in a covert, subtle, institutional, and superficially nonracial fash on. Assessing the major perspectives that social analysts have relied on to explain race and racial relations, Bonilla-Silva labels the post-civil rights ideology as color-blind racism: a system of social arrangements that maintain white privilege at all levels. His analysis of racial politics in the United States makes a compelling argument for a new civil rights movement rooted in the race-class needs of minority masses, multiracial in character - and focused on attaining substantive rather than formal equality.

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