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Best-selling spirituality author covers all aspects of confession and forgiveness. As a Russian Orthodox teacher he has a much warmer and more personal approach that that which we often see: to him the whole point is building a personal relationship with Christ.
Seldom does a writer venture into the human mind of Jesus Christ. For sure, there are some who have speculated on just how and if Jesus reasoned like the rest of us. But this book is more than an imagination exercise. It is a daring exploration into the uncharted territory of Gods human mind. The purpose is far greater than to satisfy curiosity by guessing how the mind of Jesus worked. It is to creatively share his memory in order to emulate his attributes then to examine his deeds on his journey back home.
This book is for the beginner and for those beginning again -- to bring us closer to Jesus, who is every Christian's greatest desire.Each page gently leads the reader to open up and encounter Christ in their own way -- using scripture and inspirational quotes, reflection, brief commentary, and prayer.Moving through the book will help foster a daily habit of prayer reflection that will continue long after you come to the end of this book.
This book is designed to be used as a devotional to stimulate spiritual growth. It will demonstrate how scriptures can be used in our daily walk with God and acquaint the reader with more scriptures. It can also be just relaxing reading after a busy day. For the person who is seeking to know the Lord better, this book will be a great inspiration. The poems will refresh your spirit and bring you closer to God. Lois Meyer became a Christian at the age of twelve and has served the Lord since that time. Her Mother was an inspiration for her to get involved with becoming a Director of Christian Education. Lois is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center and Victory World Missions Training Center, both in Tulsa, Oklahoma. An ordained minister of the gospel, she became a foreign missionary to 19 countries at the age of 67. She returned to eight of them to teach again in the Bible schools and preach in the local churches. She is a firm believer in the miracle power of Jesus today and often recounts miracles on the mission field and in her personal life to confirm it. Her goal is to help others understand, by the scriptures, how to live a sin-free, joyful, peaceful, productive life in Christ. This book will help to fulfill that purpose.
This book is one in a set of small gift hardcover books in the Moments Together series that present thirty days of devotionals for married couples to read together. The focus of these selections is on a couple's walk with the Lord, both as individuals and as a couple. Consistently coming together to read a devotional and pray together will help couples to measure the daily decisions they make against the teachings of Scripture and will encourage them to let the Holy Spirit lead them into God's purposes for their lives.

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