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Addresses the state of Chinese communication studies, including its achievements, problems, challenges, and potential for advancement in a globalized 21st century.
International Business Negotiation: Principles and Practice is an essential guide to the subject. Blending theory and practice, it translates relevant theories and research into practical and realistic guidelines for improving negotiation practice and achieving good outcomes in a wide range of international and cross-cultural contexts. Filled with examples and cases drawn from real life negotiations and drawing on the author's experience of negotiating and implementing consultancy assignments in countries around the world, this is a highly readable and practical guide that will equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for effective participation in international business negotiation. Key benefits • Translates negotiation theory and research into practical guidelines for negotiators • Covers all the main kinds of international business negotiation • Key points are illustrated with numerous examples and cases drawn from real-life negotiations. • Each chapter includes questions for discussion and written assignments
This book adds a valuable `Chinese voice' to the current Western-dominated forum on Chinese business negotiating style. The book provides the reader with an in-depth socio-cultural understanding of Chinese negotiating behaviour and tactics in the context of Sino-Western business negotiation. It addresses this fascinating and complex subject by looking systematically at various components of Chinese business culture which range from contemporary Chinese politics to ancient Chinese philosophies and military stratagems.
Inhaltsangabe:Introduction: We are living in an internationalized world; global trade keeps increasing and more companies from many countries around the world are going national at an astounding rate. This is a reflection of strong economic growth around the world and the globalization of the economy and corporations. Offices are spread from one continent to another and travel is essential to business. This is the reason why business travel is increasing, states Hubert Joly, president and chief executive officer of CWT. In today s business world, you might well find yourself as an international manager in a foreign subsidiary of an American firm, facing on a daily basis all aspects of international management. Or you could end up at the home office in Germany coordinating operations with foreign affiliates. Or you could travel to countries like Japan or China, negotiating export sales or dealing with suppliers, customers, or franchise parties. Many different kinds of positions are available in the global arena, and training in international and cross-cultural management and negotiation styles is becoming a critical ingredient in moving up to high-level positions in global organizations. In 2006, a record 30.1 million U.S. travelers visited overseas markets, an increase of five percent from 2005. One of the top five overseas markets visited by U.S. travelers in 2006 was Germany. China (if combining travel the PRC and Hong Kong) would have tied as second. Contributing to the new record for outbound travel, seven of the top 20 U.S. outbound destination markets posted records in 2006, including Japan and China. Hundreds of thousands of jobs in the Germany owe their existence and sustainment to business travel. In Germany, the effects of a growing European Union and worldwide business travel create a stable demand for modern transport infrastructures and services. The USA is one of the two most important business travel destinations for the German economy, closely followed by China. Two markets will dominate travel interests in the future: the USA and China. No other countries will be as important for business trips as these two different giants. China's economy still enjoys a huge growing potential although its gross domestic product (GDP) has maintained a double-digit growth for four straight years and hit a new high of 10.7 in the first three quarters of 2006. The growth rate of China's labor productivity stood at 9.5 percent last year, [...]
With the rapid advancement in information technologies, e-business is rapidly growing in significance and is having a direct impact upon business applications and technologies. E-Business Models, Services and Communications provides researchers and practitioners with valuable information on recent advances and developments in emerging e-business models and technologies. This book covers a variety of topics such as e-business models, telecommunication network utilization, online consumer behavior, electronic communication adoption and service provider strategies, and privacy policies and implementation issues.

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