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The Second Edition of this useful book presents both computer science theory and C-language syntax with a principle-before-implementation approach. Forouzan and Gilberg continue to present a clear organizational structure, supplemented by easy-to-follow figures, charts, and tables.Always readable, the book develops programs and functions consistently and clearly, based on the authors' extensive academic and industry experience. The first half of the book builds a firm understanding of expressions, including pointers only to the extent necessary to cover pass-by-reference and arrays.
This CS1 text presents both computer science theory and its implementations in the C language with an indepth approach. It is visually oriented, with lots of examples, figures, and structure charts to illustrate concepts.
Based on the ACM model curriculum guidelines, this text covers the fundamentals of computer science required for first year students embarking on a computing degree. Data representation of text, audio, images, and numbers; computer hardware and software, including operating systems and programming languages; data organization topics such as SQL database models - they're all [included]. Progressing from the bits and bytes level to the higher levels of abstraction, this birds-eye view provides the foundation to help you succeed as you continue your studies in programming and other areas in the computer field.-Back cover.
This second edition expands upon the solid, practical foundation established in the first edition of the text. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Designed as one of the first true textbooks on how to use the UNIX operating system, this book goes beyond providing a reference of commands to offer a guide to basic commands and shell programming. It contains a variety of in-text learning aids designed to encourage active learning. This flexible text guides both inexperienced and knowledgeable users through interactive commands and shell programming in a fashion that demystifies and simplifies the use of UNIX.Forouzan/Gilberg introduce students to basic commands and tools in the early chapters. In the later chapters, students are introduced to shell programming. In Chapters 9, 10, 11, and 12, the authors first cover material required for all shells before introducing shell-specific material, including the Korn and C Shells. This approach makes it suitable for a wide variety of UNIX-based courses.Built-in pedagogy guides student mastery and encourages active, hands-on learning. For example, sessions use color so students can easily distinguish user input from computer output. In addition, illustrative figures help student visualize what the command is doing. Each chapter concludes with problems, including lab sessions where students work on the computer and complete sessions step-by-step. This approach has proven to be successful when teaching this material in the classroom.
This book is suitable for use in a university-level first course in computing (CS1), as well as the increasingly popular course known as CS0. It is difficult for many students to master basic concepts in computer science and programming. A large portion of the confusion can be blamed on the complexity of the tools and materials that are traditionally used to teach CS1 and CS2. This textbook was written with a single overarching goal: to present the core concepts of computer science as simply as possible without being simplistic.

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