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Parents want a special relationship with their children Parents care. They want to guide their children through the rough spots in life and help them make the right decisions. Research shows that a special parental connection is extremely important in safeguarding children against dangers such as substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, criminal activity, and suicide. This is more important than ever before in today's troubled world. But what does making this connection mean? Based on Bowen family systems theory, Connecting with Our Children shows parents how to build the connection found in better relationships. Now parents have a new way to think about and respond to family problems. The author examines common concerns, such as: * How substance abuse can repeat through generations * Why fusions between family members drive conflict * How family anxiety can erupt into violence * Whether stepfamilies can create a new family unit * What roles faith and humor play in a family * How effective are special contributions made by connections with grandparents Numerous practical examples and stories illustrate familiar situations and concerns, so that parents can learn how to deal with the often confusing situations surrounding their children, as well as those within their own lives. With a different perspective, parents can learn to overcome these difficulties, creating a stronger family and a happier, more open relationship between parent and child.
What separates financially successful, multigenerational families who flourish from those who languish? With professional knowledge, informed reflection, and poignent and charming anecdotes, Ellen Perry shares her twenty-five years of experience advising more than one hundred wealthy families. A Wealth of Possibilities is a variegated road map of many accessible paths and byways for anyone seeking to improve his or her family's internal communication, cohesion, and sense of well-being. Offering a bounty of practical advice, thoughtful insights, and probing questions, A Wealth of Possibilities provides commonsense approaches and profoundly meaningful solutions to many of the most vexing issues confronting wealthy families.
The story of Dinah receives little more than a mention in the Bible, as it gives rise to a bloody massacre. Not so with Anita Diamant's The Red Tent (Picador 1998). Diamant weaves ancient history and culture with narrative fiction to draw a picture of what life might have been like for the women in Jacob's life. With skill and passion, Sandra Hack Polaski unravels the complexities of the biblical stories of Leah, Rachel, Zil'pah, Bil'hah, and Leah's daughter Dinah, probing aspects of The Red Tent that give us insight into the text and into the lives of women in the ancient Near East. Inside the Red Tent brings readers into the biblical and historical contexts of the world of Dinah and her four mothers, exploring their stories through the tradition of midrash, sound biblical scholarship, and archeological findings. She gives us a glimpse "inside the red tent" at the families, relationships, encounters, goddesses, and God that defined their lives and that define ours. From the Popular Insights series.
To be human is to be in relationships. We can't survive without them but at the same time it's in our relationships that we so easily come unravelled. There are certain relationships that seem to just do us in. Either we feel like we lose ourselves or we feel burnt out from unsuccessful efforts to make things right for another. In our relationships we can experience the very best of ourselves and the very worst. Most psychological approaches to building resilience focus on the individual -- the individual mind, emotions and experiences. The message of Growing Yourself Up, however, is that you can't separate understanding the individual from understanding relationships; they go hand in hand. All of life's relationships are integral to increasing self-awareness and growing maturity -- and it's not necessarily the comfortable relationships that promote personal growth. Drawing from Bowen family systems theory, this book takes you on a journey through each stage of life to see the predictable patterns of relationships and to show how to use this knowledge to make purposeful adjustments in yourself. The result, though certainly not a quick fix, is a sturdier self, sturdier relationships and a refreshing new way of viewing life's challenges and opportunities.
Ob man das einzige Kind war oder ob man Geschwister hatte, ob ältere er jüngere Geschwister, ob solche vom gleichen Geschlecht od oder vom anderen Geschlecht, oder beides, ob die Eltern aus kleinen oder größeren Familien stammen, ob Personenverluste in den Familien zu beklagen waren, wie gut die Erfahrungen der Ehepartner in ihren jeweiligen Herkunftsfamilien zusammenpassen und wie sich die Kinderfolge, die ihnen das Schicksal beschert, in diese Erfahrungen einfügt, alles das wird hier beschrieben. Die Leser finden in dieser Vielfalt auch Aufschluß über ihre eigene Familienkonstellation, ebenso über jene der Freunde und Bekannten, der Liebes- oder Ehepartner. Die eigenen Eltern und Geschwister können sie ebenfalls besser verstehen lernen, und im täglichen Umgang mit den Kindern, wenn sie welche haben, wird ihnen manches einleuchten, das sie zunächst verwunderte. Wenn sie noch keine Kinder haben, aber welche möchten, können sie hier erfahren, was ihnen an Möglichkeiten bevorsteht. Wenn sie keine Kinder wollen, finden sie vielleicht sogar dafür eine Erklärung. Alles hier Gesagte ist der Wirklichkeit, dem tatsächlichen Verhalten und Handeln der Menschen und den vielen Familienleben nachgezeichnet, die der Autor systematisch beobachtet und an denen er oft auch beraterisch oder therapeutisch Anteil genommen hat.

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