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This book is a comprehensive, fully up-to-date introduction to linguistics. All the core topics of linguistics are covered, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, the genetic and typological classification of the languages of the world, and historical linguistics. Interdisciplinary areas discussed include language and the brain, psycholinguistics - the study of language processing, first and second language acquisition, language in social contexts and computational linguistics.
An initiation into the intricacies of scientific linguistic analysis, Contemporary Linguistics covers not only how language is structured, but also how it functions both socially and culturally, and how it is acquired and processed by speakers. --
Contemporary Linguistics offer integrated and comprehensive coverage of linguistics written by experts in the field -- from phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics to cross-curricular topics such as sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics and prepares students for further work in linguistics. Its lucid and direct writing style makes even complex concepts easy to grasp, while the extensive apparatus helps students master the course material.
Contemporary Linguistic Analysis is written and edited by leading scholars in the field. It provides an up-to-date introduction with coverage of phenomena that are of special interest and relevance to the linguistic situation in Canada. Using the generative paradigm, it offers an introduction to linguistic analysis as it is practised at this stage in the development of the discipline. This superb text gives students a solid grounding in basic linguistic concepts, but also prepares them to go on to further advanced work in the discipline. For this seventh edition there is also an expanded Study Guide covering the entire text with an answer key for students, and a Companion Website (access code required) with audio for transcription practice.
Contemporary Linguistic Analysisremains the best-selling introductory text on linguistics. This classic text is recognized for its cutting-edge research, relevant Canadian material, and comprehensive coverage of linguistics written by leading scholars in the field. The text emphasizes the contemporary practice of linguistic analysis, with coverage of all the discipline's major fields. Now more concise, this new edition will also be accompanied by a protected website containing new audio and transcription exercises (student access code bound inside each text).

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