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"In Conundrums for the Long Week-End, Robert McGregor and Ethan Lewis explore how Sayers used her fictional hero to comment on, and come to terms with, the social upheaval of the time: world wars, the crumbling of the privileged aristocracy, the rise of democracy, and the expanding struggle of women for equality. A reflection of the age, Lord Peter's character changed tremendously, mirroring the developing subtleties of his creator's evolving worldview." "Scholars of the Modern Age, fans of the mystery genre, and admirers of Sayers's fiction are sure to appreciate McGregor and Lewis's incisive examination of the literary, social, and historical context of this prized author's most popular work."--Jacket.
This book is a compendium of commentaries on twelve contentious topics that intersect in a perplexing social matrix. These are complex issues that impact directly on the lives of all Australians in the 21st century. Each essay attempts to unravel the complex array of those interactions into a common-sense blueprint of their interactive nature and their inevitable influence on every citizen. This book is a compendium of twelve essays that offer perspicacious commentary on controversial social issues that, superficially, appear to be disparate but which actually interact in a complex matrix, a perplexing array of intersecting dynamics that act intimately on one another. These are complex, interactive topics that impact directly and inexorably on the lives of all Australians. Each of these essays strives to unravel those complexities and offer a common-sense (albeit possibly contentious) blueprint of their interactive nature and their inevitable influence on all Australian citizens of the Blue Planet in the 21st century.
Mackenzie Flynt has retired from the United States Navy after twenty-two years of distinguished service, most of them with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Divorced by his wife, his military career over, Flynt migrates north from San Diego to Vancouver, Washington, where he is to become Director of Security for a high tech firm. When the job does not pan out, he finds himself in a strange town with no friends, limited funds and no job, so decides to get a state license and hang out his shingle as a private eye. While being treated in a hospital emergency room for injuries suffered in an auto accident, he is befriended by Dr. Melissa Bauer, the beautiful and talented attending physician there. Discovering his vocation, she hires him to look into a harassment complaint made by her elderly mother, a resident of nearby Skamania County. Finding evidence of vandalism, arson and threatening notes, Flynt sets out to discover the identity of the mysterious bidder attempting to acquire the old woman's property. But therein lies the mystery. The man apparently lives in an authentic mountainside castle accessible only by a private and guarded gate and road. Even more curiously, no one in the surrounding countryside can ever remember meeting or seeing the man. As Flynt launches a probe into the hermit's affairs, bad things begin to happen. He discovers that both a lawyer hired by his current client and a cub reporter who wrote a story about the castle dweller have gone mysteriously and permanently missing. While asking locals about the man, Flynt catches a glimpse of an old nemesis who tried to kill him eight years earlier. When one clue meshes with another, he concludes that this face from his past and the mystery man in the castle are somehow linked. Against all wisdom, he finds himself falling hopelessly in love with his client, the young doctor. When the doctor's mother dies suddenly, Flynt concludes that foul play is involved and launches an all-out probe. Since his would be killer is still wanted by NCIS and major governments around the world for gunrunning and murder, Flynt enlists the help of his old pals at NCIS and soon finds himself on contract with the Navy to hunt and bring to justice the nefarious felon. In the process he means to also discover who killed the good doctor's mother, and why. Assisted by a wily old newspaper publisher, Flynt learns of a connection between the man in the castle and a riverside shipping and receiving facility. Risking a night dive in the treacherous waters of the Columbia, Flynt embarks on a dangerous reconnaissance mission in which he discovers a ship loaded with stolen U.S military hardware, just before being detected and fleeing for dear life. He now has his linkage between the two villains, one as a buyer and the other a seller of illicit weapons. Due to a temporary personnel shortage, his NCIS handler insists upon involving the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Despite early conflicts between Flynt and ATF Agent Celia Hart, a working arrangement is reached to place the shipping facility under around the clock surveillance until sufficient probable cause can be legally gathered for a raid. With help from NCIS forensics, Flynt proves that the doctor's elderly mother was slowly poisoned until she suffered convulsions and a coronary. A youthful NCIS probationer assigned to help Flynt proves invaluable in unraveling the multiple identities of the castle's keeper. Flynt, through an intermediary, elicits an invitation to the castle, ostensibly to strike a deal in which the deceased woman's property can be acquired by the man living there. As an overnight guest, Flynt executes a narrowing moonlight survey of the facility before being caught and cornered by his one-time assailant, also a guest there. The confrontation resolves in mortal combat, leaving Flynt the imperative of hiding the man's body and getting back into his room before daybreak without being seen. The devil's bargain is struck: the land and immunity for the guns on the ship, cash and the surrender of the now dead guest to NCIS. When Flynt returns to report the proceedings he learns an awful truth. The castle keeper has kidnapped his lover and holds her hostage there pending completion of the deal. In a deadly game of do or die, Flynt leads agents of NCIS, ATF and the County Sheriff's department in a night assault through a driving snowstorm against the nearly impregnable and heavily defended castle above. Hanging in the balance are their lives, and that of the hostage there hoping against hope for their arrival. But success comes at a price, and there are yet more surprises. The Creed Conundrum is not a read for the faint of heart. Plan to stay up late.
In The Gender Conundrum Dana Birksted-Breen brings together for the first time key psychoanalytic papers on the subject of femininity and masculinity from the very different British, French, and American perspectives. The papers are gathered around the central issue of the interplay of body and psyche in psychoanalysis. The editor sees the positive use of this given tension and duality as the key to real understanding of the questions currently surrounding gender identity. As well as addressing the outspoken controversy over the understanding of femininity, she shows that there has been a more silent revolution in the understanding of masculinity. Offering an international perspective, this collection of seminal papers with introductions of exemplary clarity fills a considerable gap in the literature, providing a classic text for psychoanalysis and gender studies.
ONE OF THE MOST ACCLAIMED ESPIONAGE NOVELS EVER WRITTEN… AND ALSO ONE OF THE FUNNIEST. It’s the mid-1980s and the cold war hasn’t thawed. The Library, a super-secret U.S. espionage agency is keeping an eye on the Russians and everybody else. A dozen elite intelligence experts relentlessly sift out classified information from everywhere. They know all the secrets except for one – which of the librarians is a traitor. It’s up to Walt Coolidge, a librarian with a Sherlockian gift for analyzing people’s garbage, to uncover the mole and, if he fails, it could lead to nuclear Armageddon.
In the late summer of 1970, it's hot in Montreal, Canada-and getting hotter. Between the high temperatures and the political unrest in the city, the heat is on for private investigator Joey Fine. Short on work and long on bills, Fine needs a case and fast. It arrives in the form of a knock-out dame named Martha Dawes. She wants Fine to investigate the missing funds from her father's will, believing her younger half-brother has left town and taken the cash with him. Fine agrees to help and plunges into a crime that takes several twists and turns, involving some of Montreal's politicians. When Martha's brother turns up dead and there's no sign of the money, however, Fine realizes there's more to this case then mere embezzlement. He uncovers a slew of illegal dealings with some of the seediest underworld characters he's ever imagined. Worse, Martha's husband, Jerry, is somehow involved. This isn't exactly what Fine signed up for. Even so, he keeps digging-but what he finds just might make him wish Martha Dawes had never walked through his office door.

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