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If you only ever buy one Hollywood autobiography make it this one. Sassy, shocking, funny and totally revealing this is Cybill Shepherd's unexpurgated life-story, told with the wit and honesty you'd expect from the star that's seen it all and knows it all. She has been 57 kinds of disobedient and she has never held back from doing or saying what she wants. Cybill Disobedience is a limit-breaking, open-top car ride down Hollywood's Hall of Fame. From top model to movie siren, sex with Elvis to Bruce Willis's appeal, The Last Picture Show to Taxi Driver, the Cybill disaster and the Moonlighting phenomenon, it's all in here; every boyfriend, every affair, every good film and bad film. But most of all it's about a strong woman's determination to survive. The whole shebang - from Hollywood's mouthiest queen.
Updated version of an engaging overview of the television situation comedy. This updated and expanded anthology offers an engaging overview of one of the oldest and most ubiquitous forms of television programming: the sitcom. Through an analysis of formulaic conventions, the contributors address critical identities such as race, gender, and sexuality, and overarching structures such as class and family. Organized by decade, chapters explore postwar domestic ideology and working-class masculinity in the 1950s, the competing messages of power and subordination in 1960s magicoms, liberated women and gender in 1970s workplace comedies and 1980s domestic comedies, liberal feminism in the 1990s, heteronormative narrative strategies in the 2000s, and unmasking myths of gender in the 2010s. From I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners to Roseanne, Cybill, and Will & Grace to Transparent and many others in between, The Sitcom Reader provides a comprehensive examination of this popular genre that will help readers think about the shows and themselves in new contexts.
Collects personal interviews, previously published works, and quotes from notable women on such topics as feelings, friends, and education.
Mae West, Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, and Madonna, just to name a few. Each of them, at times, naughty, controversial, propheticàand blonde. What is it about these golden-tressed bombshells that cause us to hang on their every word? YouÆll find out in On Being Blonde, which showcases the worldÆs top 40 blondes, sharing their outrageous life stories and their wise and witty bon mots. This is the most complete collection to date of the most quotable quotes by the fair haired chanteuses from our past and our present. From "Strawberry" to "Dishwater" weÆve got a dynamic sampling of the most profound statements to ever escape their lipsà and thatÆs no joke! Plus Blonde tips, tricks, and trivia. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Blonde mystique! "If I've one life...let me live it as a blonde!" --Clairol. "Gentlemen prefer blondes" --Anita Loos "I'm not offended by dumb blonde jokes because I know that I'm not dumb. I also know I'm not blonde." --Dolly Parton

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