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The activities of central banks are relevant to everyone in society. This book starts by considering how and why in general central banks evolved and specifically the special aspects of the contribution of the Northern European Central Banking Tradition. With that foundation, the book will then turn to a series of contemporary themes. Firstly, this book looks at independence, how central banks can actually influence their respective economies, goals, responsibilities and governance. This collection of papers, formulated from the joint conference of the Bank of Finland and the Deutsche Bundesbank in November 2007, will help motivate continuing research into the institutional design of central banks and promote a better understanding of the many challenges central banks are facing today. This volume gives a detailed perspective on the benefits of price stability and central bank independence and, due to the advances in macroeconomic theory, has prompted a substantial rethink on central banks’ institutional design. With contributions from such scholars as Anne Sibert and Forrest Capie and a foreword by Erkki Liikanen and Professor Axel A. Weber, this volume will be useful reading for monetary economists around the world as well as all those with an interest in central banks and banking more generally.
This collection of essays by the eminent financial and monetary historians Capie and Wood examines and offers explanations of the parts played by money and the banking system in the British economy over the last two centuries. It deals with financial crises, periods of stability, and Britain in the international system.
This book provides an authoritative overview of the complex practical and policy implications of international payments systems by central bankers from both developed and developing countries, Payments Systems in Global Perspective presents the results of a survey of international central bank practice conducted by the Bank of England.
This book, written by a multinational team of experts, explores the changing face of central banking in Eastern Europe in the light of modern macroeconomic thinking, providing important and novel insights into the design of monetary policy institutions. With its authoritative content, this book will interest students and academics involved with money and banking, macroeconomics and Eastern European studies. Professionals working for financial institutions will also find plenty that will appeal within these pages.
This study investigates the behaviour of private interest groups towards monetary policy and central banks. It explores the extent to which interest groups seek to influence monetary policy and their motivations for doing so - or for refraining from doing so. Where evidence for interest group activity with respect to monetary decisions can be found, the study aims to identify the ways in which groups communicate with policymakers. The behaviour of interest groups in the area of monetary policymaking is investigated by means of an empirical case study of the relations between interest groups and the Deutsche Bundesbank in Germany as well as the potential impact of introduction of the single European currency and establishment of the ECB. The study evaluates the relevance of the institutional setting, policy issues and other factors.
This volume examines the future of European financial centres in the context of economic and monetary union (EMU). Based on original empirical research, it investigates the relative competitiveness of European financial centres, with special reference to London and Frankfurt, in the context of the single currency debate. Issues covered include: * the evolution of financial centres * optimal design of an international financial centre * financial services regulation and EMU * the competitiveness of world financial centres

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