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Desk Top Publishing with QuarkXPress is a guide not merely to the software category 'desktop publishing'-established in the 1980s-but to Desk Top Publishing, a craft and skill which has been with us for hundreds of years. QuarkXPress 2017 tweaks and tunes the new tools of 2016, and adds to them sixteen entirely new features including powerful image editing and blending functions, enhanced typography, adaptive layout and iOS app publishing. This edition is updated with all the new features, along with answers to questions which have arisen over the last year as experts have tested the limits of Quark power. Along with the accompanying video series, is- sued week by week by QuarkTV, Desk Top Pub- lishing with QuarkXPress has established itself as the go-to guide for experienced publishers and Quark novices alike.
QuarkXPress 2016 brings new power to delight the eye and intrigue the mind, in print and online. This is a book about Desk Top Publishing - a trade that goes back more than two thousand years - not merely Desktop Publishing, a word for a new category of software coined in the 1980s. It condenses 30 years of DTP, print and digital experience into 356 pages, suitable for novice and expert alike. Working from the basics, it covers mastering publishing, digital, deep features such as job jackets and automation, and lists and explains every panel, palette, menu and function of QuarkXPress 2016. The marginal notes are full of hard-to-find information, pro-tips and trade secrets. Author Martin Turner writes: "Over the years, I've seen dozens of designers, some straight from college, some hardened veterans, whose work came to a halt because they lacked some crucial piece of knowledge. In this book, I have tried to include the answers to all of their questions, and to uncover the richer possibilities that QuarkXPress 2016 offers. Its new features-especially native import and HTML5 publishing-allow us to be more productive, more creative and more satisfied in our work. Whether in print or online, more than ever before, QuarkXPress 2016 gives us the power to delight the eye and intrigue the mind." Part 1: The Basics 1 Why DTP? Why publish anything at all? The 80/20 rule of quality. Why brand is important. Evolution of DTP and its allies. Why Quark? 2 My first document Interface basics. Before we start. Layout setup. Pull some stuff in. Shape the page. Creating and applying styles. Ad hoc formatting. Back to 'My First Document'. Print it! Export it. 3 Key concepts Fonts. Images. Colour Workflow. PDF. Vectors. Output device. Part 2: Mastering Publishing in QuarkXPress 1 Documents that draw the eye and hold the mind Strategy. The design thumbnail. Master Pages. Making photos pop. 25 rules of composition. 2 Master typography Legibility. Desirability in typography. 3 Master Colour Emotional impact of colour. Colour spaces. 4 Master Production How to talk to your print shop. Part 3:LiveDigital 1 Planning for digital Comparing digital options 2 Easy Digital Workflow Reflow workflow. Fixed Layout workflow. HTML5 & App Studio workflow. Using HTML5 as is. 3 Three Digital Publishing Projects The Staff Magazine. Castle Walkaround. Promotional EP web-app. 4 Digital wrap up Part 4: Deep Publishing 1 Workflows that speed results and reduce errors Design. Layout. Editing. Publication. 2 Job Jackets and JDF Using a job jacket with a brand. Document Automation. Rules, evaluation, pre-flighting. 3 Database publishing (XPress Tags) More things with XPress Tags 4 Shared layout, composition zones 5 Image Grid 6 Design Pad Part 5: Power: Every function listed and explained 1 Tools 2 Measurements Home. Character. Paragraph. Rules. Tabs. Text Box. Picture Box. Frame. Runaround and Clipping. Space/Align. Drop Shadow. Table. Line (Home). 3 Palettes Advanced Image Control. App Studio Publishing. Books. Callout Styles. Color Blends. Colors. Conditional Styles. Content. Content Variables. Footnote Styles. Glyphs. Grid Styles. Guides. HTML5. Hyperlinks. Index. Item Styles. Layers. Lists. Page Layout. Profile Information. Redline. Reflow Tagging. Scale. Style Sheets. Table Styles. Welcome Screen. 4 Menus QuarkXPress (Mac). File. Edit. Style. Item. Page. Layout. Table. View. Utilities. Window. Script (Mac). Help. Index Further reading
Now in full colour, Desk Top Publishing with QuarkXPress has been completely rewritten and redesigned for the latest edition of the world's most powerful layout application. This book, which links with the video series Desk Top Publishing with QuarkXPress, is the go-to guide in English for all experienced Quarkers, returning Quarkers and those new to the application. This edition introduces all the new features of QX2018, but has also been designed to be useful to people working with QX2015, QX2016 and QX2017, and indicates at which point a feature was introduced.This is a book not just about Desktop Publishing, a software category invented in 1983, but about Desk Top Publishing, an art, craft and science that goes back more than a thousand years. QuarkXPress is uniquely able to deliver everything from the most recent colour fonts (which themselves hark back to medieval illumination) to the most austere grid-locked renaissance type design, and to do it for iOS or Android app, HTML5 web publication, eBook, Kindle, print on demand or honest old-fashioned offset press.
Take the kinks out of working with QuarkXPress QuarkXPress still remains one of the top tools for layout and design projects, even thirty years after it made its debut. This full-color, hands-on guide is here to help you take the guesswork out of using this powerful tool to create stunning print or digital designs. In QuarkXPress For Dummies, you'll find information on the latest changes to QuarkXPress, easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidance on using the tools built into the software to aid in designing and outputting visual product, and quick solutions to common Quark problems when you get stuck. QuarkXPress dominated the page layout world for decades. It's stuck around thanks to how it readily adapts to customer needs. This new version contains updates and features driven solely by customer feedback. That responsiveness is luring new and former users to the fold. That resurgence in the design community has Quark users clamoring for an authoritative book on how to use it to its fullest. Created in partnership with the pros at Quark, this is the book for new and experienced QuarkXPress users looking to make sense of the latest version. Offers unbeatable tricks for working with text Provides guidance on managing larger design projects Includes tips on how to correct mistakes Take a tour of the palettes, add style to your work, and make QuarkXPress work for you!
Entirely revised, this book thoroughly addresses all aspects of the latest release of QuarkXPress for Macintosh Version 3.3. The book has appeared frequently on the Ingram and other bestseller lists. Winner of the 1992 Benjamin Franklin Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing and the 1992 Publish Magazine Reader's Choice Award.
Offers advice and commentaries on the fundamental rules of graphic design.
"'Scribus: the official manual' is the most comprehensive source of information regarding Scribus, the premier open source desktop publishing (DTP) software program." ; "... [also] contains important information about DTP concepts, fonts and typography, color management, the PDF file format, and many other important topics integral to commercial layout and printing."--Back cover.

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