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Reinforce your understanding of nursing concepts and skills, and apply that knowledge to nursing practice! Corresponding to the chapters in deWit’s Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing, 4th Edition, this study guide provides practice exercises, review questions, and application activities to help you gain a solid understanding of the principles and skills you’ll need to succeed in your nursing classes and in your career. Steps to Better Communication sections in each chapter include a vocabulary building glossary, NCLEX exam-style completion exercises, grammar and pronunciation exercises, and cultural issues. Review Questions for the NCLEX-PN Examination include multiple-choice and alternate-format questions related to content in the textbook. Clinical Situations ask you to apply key concepts to nursing practice. Setting Priorities questions ask you to rank tasks in order of importance — prioritization is one of the most important skills in nursing. Application of the Nursing Process questions help you make the connection between the nursing process and real-world patient care. Text page references make it easy to locate answers in the textbook. To the Student instructions provide study hints to ESL and non-ESL students. Updated content reflects current issues in nursing, such as QSEN standards.
This market-leading textbook offers an engaging format and clear writing style that make it easy to master the basic nursing concepts and skills you need to practice in a variety of care settings. Its nursing process framework, health promotion focus, emphasis on critical thinking, and thorough coverage of communication and patient teaching provide a strong foundation for your nursing education. Full-color illustrations, critical thinking exercises, and practical examples help you strengthen and apply your knowledge of essential nursing concepts. More than 500 full-color illustrations - including 50 new to this edition - highlight and explain key concepts presented in the text. Concepts and skills are presented from simplest to most complex to help you gradually build your knowledge and learn more easily. A Companion CD-ROM includes audio clips, an audio glossary, video clips, 3-D animations, English-Spanish phrases, NCLEX®-PN Examination-style review questions, and more. Theory and Clinical Practice Objectives introduce you to the concepts you'll learn in each chapter. Key Terms with phonetic pronunciations familiarize you with the language of nursing and health care. Overview of Structure and Function provides a brief review of essential anatomy and physiology related to specific body systems, with a special section on aging. The nursing process is emphasized throughout in Application of the Nursing Process sections and serves as the framework for Skills and Nursing Care Plans. Think Critically About. boxes encourage you to synthesize information and apply concepts beyond the scope of the chapter. Approximately 80 Skills provide illustrated step-by-step instructions for performing key nursing procedures, with clear actions and rationales and Critical Thinking Questions. Approximately 50 Steps present abbreviated versions of additional skills in a quick-reference action/rationale format. Approximately 20 Nursing Care Plans provide examples for planning care and encourage you to think critically and follow the nursing process. Critical Thinking Activities at the end of each chapter allow you to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to specific clinical scenarios. Elder Care Points introduce you to the unique care issues that affect older adults. Health Promotion Points address wellness and disease prevention, including diet, infection control, and more. Communication Cues feature sample dialogues and therapeutic communication techniques to help you build a positive rapport with patients. Concept Maps help you visualize how the multiple nursing diagnoses, treatments, and side effects for specific disorders relate to each other. Home Care boxes provide guidelines for adapting nursing skills and techniques for use in the home setting. Patient Teaching boxes offer step-by-step instructions for patients and their families regarding proper post-hospital care. NCLEX-PN® Exam Style Review Questions at the end of each chapter include alternate item-format questions to prepare you for the exam. Helpful appendixes offer quick access to essential facts and information in the clinical setting. Assignment Considerations boxes will cover situations in which the RN delegates to the LPN/LVN or when the LPN/LVN assigns tasks to nurse assistants, patient care techs, and other unlicensed assistive personnel Clinical Cues provide guidance and advice related to the nursing care under discussion Safety Alert boxes highlight specific danger or dangers to patients related to clinical care 50 new illustrations and photos have been added to this edition to aid visual learners 5 Skills have been added to this edition, giving deWit a total of 80 skills covered 5 Steps have been added to the 44 in the current edition
Study Guide for Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing, 5th Edition reinforces your mastery of the terms and concepts presented in the text. Creative activities and updated exercises assist you in setting priorities, applying the nursing process, practicing critical thinking, exercising good judgment and clinical reasoning, and increasing effective communication. A unique Steps to Better Communication section offers vocabulary building and communication exercises for ESL-LED students, and Cultural Points help you understand a diverse patient population. Review questions for the NCLEX-PN® Examination provide you with additional NCLEX practice to prepare you for the exam. Critical thinking activities give you practice at higher-level application questions. Communication exercises ask you to practice communicating complex and difficult ideas in nursing with partners. Cultural Points explore how the health care field varies in different countries, and how culture affects healthcare in our own country, to give you a broader perspective of nursing care outside your comfort zone. Setting Priorities questions ask you to rank tasks in order of importance. Clinical situations applied to sample practice situations stimulate critical thinking and practical application of nursing concepts. Pronunciation and Intonation Skills assist you with the more difficult terms and words with multiple meanings in the nursing field. Grammar Points exercises offer a refresher on common grammatical errors made in the nursing field. Word Attack Skills provide focused concentration on some of the more important or confusing terms in the curriculum. Meeting Clinical Objectives activities help you meet stated clinical practice objectives of the corresponding chapter. Review of structure and function of the human body refreshes you on content learned in previous classes and how it applies to this curriculum. Completion exercises with key terms reinforce nursing vocabulary. Short answer, identification, multiple choice, and matching questions use multiple formats to test your knowledge of concepts conveyed in the text. Application of the Nursing Process questions reinforce the different stages of the nursing process. NEW! Updated exercises reflect the most current textbook content.
This convenient, money-saving package is a must-have for nursing students! It includes deWit's Fundamental Concepts & Skills for Nursing, 3rd edition text & Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing & Health Professions, 8th edition.
This convenient, money-saving package is a must-have for nursing students! It includes deWit's Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing, 3rd edition text & Mosby's Nursing Video Skills: Student Online Version 3.0.
This convenient, money-saving package is a must-have for nursing students! It includes deWit's Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing, 3rd edition text & Mosby's Nursing Video Skills: Student Version DVD 3.0.

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