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This volume of DINOSAURS explores such subjects as the colors of dinosaurs and nanotyrannus. Plus more Compso and Indino Jones, and an interactive journey into the process of a paleontologist!
Think you know everything there is to know about dinosaurs? Think again! In this brand new series, kid dinos show us what their lives were like in short, funny, teeth-gnashing bursts of prehistoric mayhem. DINOSAURS is your guided tour through the rough-and-tumble world of the mightiest beasts to ever walk the earth!
Presents facts about and illustrations of dinosaurs, grouped by size, speed, eating habits, and appearance.
Indianapolis Monthly is the Circle City’s essential chronicle and guide, an indispensable authority on what’s new and what’s news. Through coverage of politics, crime, dining, style, business, sports, and arts and entertainment, each issue offers compelling narrative stories and lively, urbane coverage of Indy’s cultural landscape.
Parents want to know more about how to help their children succeed. Help your child to excel at reading is full of information to help parents knowledgeably guide their children as they learn how to read and write so their children can achieve their full potential while feeling great and believing in themselves. helpful for parents with children from 4 to 14 years written by a teacher especially for parents empowers parents, gives accurate information about the latest methods for teaching literacy links reading and writing strategies encourages the transfer of skills to new topics and developmental levels. Explains how to help children achieve real reading success making reading something instinctive, as well as something they learn to love doing. The book discusses a consistent theme of developing all aspects of the child the emotional, social and educational. It emphasises the importance of the partnership between home and school, and discusses the different approaches to help children connect sounds, sound patterns in the written form and to use a variety of strategies to obtain meaning from reading and to write meaningfully. Studies have proved the significance of early informal reading and writing before children begin school and the critical values of them understanding phonemic awareness early in the educational experience.
To say that graphic novels, comics, and other forms of sequential art have become a major part of popular culture and academia would be a vast understatement. Now an established component of library and archive collections across the globe, graphic novels are proving to be one of the last kinds of print publications actually gaining in popularity. Full of practical advice and innovative ideas for librarians, educators, and archivists, this book provides a wide-reaching look at how graphic novels and comics can be used to their full advantage in educational settings. Topics include the historically tenuous relationship between comics and librarians; the aesthetic value of sequential art; the use of graphic novels in library outreach services; collection evaluations for both American and Canadian libraries; cataloging tips and tricks; and the swiftly growing realm of webcomics.
HEY KIDS! Where else can your family take a morning boat tour past pelicans and mangrove forests, climb up an indoor rock wall, ride gentle horses along a beach, explore recovered sunken treasure, kayak past gazelle and rhinos, and smash a platter of cooked crabs with a hammer for dinner? No place else but in our own back yard! This very special part of Florida is home to all sorts of adventures, and Fun in the Sun-a kid's guide to Indian River County and BEYOND! is the key to helping you unlock all the fun doors you didn't know about, until now. And it was researched and written by an educator, and 12 kids just like you! You'll learn about: -beaches -boat trips -parks -classes -nature -great birthday party ideas -attractions -out of town adventures -places to eat -once-a-year events and much, much more. A simple locator map will help you decide how close or far every location is to your house. So what are you waiting for? Get outside, and have some Fun in the Sun!

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