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A magical book of channelled letters from souls to help on the path of unconditional be used like an oracle, ask for a number between 1 and 266 and then read the corresponding letter and let the magic unfold. This book is a perfect way to connect to your twin's soul through this letters, to help you stay on the path of unconditional love....
"A true story of twin souls who have reconnected in this lifetime. The book is written in 3 parts ... the first from the male's perspective, with Dennis telling of his journey leading up to his meeting with his twin soul. The second part is written by Alice and gives the female's perspective, chronicling the years prior to her meeting with Dennis. The third part is "The Love", which is written by both Dennis and Alice, and recounts the true story of love from past lives, realized again."
Ever wonder how you would recognize someone dear to you from another life? This is my personal account of meeting my twin flame, literally the other half of my soul. Initially our meeting struck penetrating fear into my heart. Simultaneously my powerful draw to him had me wondering if I had a death wish. Ultimately the intensity of our encounter catapulted me into spiritual awakening and a journey of self discovery. This is a true story of soul connection, past life remembrance, spiritual awakening and multidimensional healing. I hope it will inspire you to find the deeper meaning in your relationships and encourage you to view your life in a different light. For to view your life as an epic story, a piece of art, is to recognize the play of the universe in it and uncover its significance.
Welcome to the TRUTH... Your soul led you here. Your soul is orchestrating everything, and it wants nothing more than for you to be with your twin flame.Unfortunately, most of what you think you know about twin flames isn't true...and believing it is actually keeping you and your twin flame apart.In her debut book, TWIN FLAMES EXPOSED, author and twin flame facilitator, Elle Hari, reveals the most common myths and misinformation that are constantly being spewed by so-called experts regarding twin flames, and how these untruths are actually keeping you and your twin flame physically apart or stuck in the frustrating push/pull relating dynamic.The first book in a series, it also acts as a prelude to - and essential first step along - the process of magnetizing your twin flame (back) into your physical life for good. Forget about stages, clearing karma, healing or any of that other nonsense. You can be with your twin flame when YOU'RE ready to do so...even if you've NEVER met your twin flame, aren't sure if you've met your twin flame, aren't on speaking terms with your twin flame or your twin flame is seeing someone else.As you resonate with what's contained in this book, you'll release your limiting beliefs and open the door to the process of aligning with your self and your twin flame. YOU are in charge of being with your twin flame, and there's only one way to do that...through the soul. You will finally understand why there's so much confusion and turmoil regarding twin flames, and how to begin the process of relating with your twin flame in the way you truly desire.Although this book is written in a refreshing, straight up, down-to-earth and less "woo-woo" style than most books in this genre, make no mistake...this book holds the key to opening the ONLY door that could make a stable physical relationship with your twin flame possible in this lifetime.
Life Coach and Master EFT Practitioner Ingrid Darragh shares her practical tips and exercises to help you to heal from every past hurt and to support you to open your heart to deeper levels of divine love, joy, and bliss, including her forgiveness process. Discover the difference between a soul mate relationship and a twin flame connection and learn how you can embody the qualities of divine love in your own life. In this book, Ingrid shares proven techniques to support you to: boost your levels of self-love by falling in love with yourself become clear about what it is that you are looking for in a partner learn the importance of forgiveness and healing every past hurt use the Law of Attraction and gratitude to help manifest divine love in your life deal with anything that is blocking you from allowing divine love into your life understand the difference between a soul mate connection and a twin flame relationship learn how to embody the attributes of divine love and to be ready to connect with your twin flame Based on many years of coaching clients on a one-to-one basis and in group workshops, this book is filled with real-life case studies, as well as Ingrid’s own life experience, backed up by practical life-coaching exercises and EFT tapping that you can do to attract the love that you deserve. As featured on Hay House Radio and EFT Radio
Contemporary romantic trilogy by Truth Devour with indulgent light erotic descriptives and cultural based paranormal undertones. The series is a chronicle written in the first person of a young girls journey into womanhood. Wantin, has been compared by reviewers of all ages to be layered with associations to novels such as Eat Prey Love due to the wonderful global adventures, and novels such as the French classic Emmanuelle and Anaïs Nin’s short story collection Delta of Venus, due to the sexual exploration and expression of the main character Talia Jacobs. ‘If it feels so good loving the wrong person, imagine how wonderful it is going to be when you love the right one.’ Quote from Wantin Note: (Book 2: Unrequited & Book 3: Sated) Blurb Fate is relentless in its pursuit of Talia Jacobs. Presented with unimaginable turns of chance, she is drawn into the depths of tragic losses then catapulted to the extraordinary heights of life's joy. Take the journey with Talia as she undergoes her sexual, social and physical metamorphosis from a vulnerable girl into a mature young seductress. Nothing in life is ever as it seems. Is she blessed or cursed? Will she ever find the man who will love her like no other, fearlessly caressing the deepest part of her being while intertwining his soul to hers in a dance that holds the unspoken promise of forever?

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