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ATAC Briefing for Agents Frank and Joe Hardy MISSION: Continue working undercover as part of teen movie start Justin Carraway's entourage to find out more about the unsolved murder of the celeb's least favorite paparazzo and other mysterious happenings. LOCATION: Atlantic City, NJ. POTENTIAL VICTIMS: One murder has already taken place. If the suspect isn't caught soon, anyone could be the killer's next victim. SUSPECTS: Everyone seems to go crazy when it comes to teen screen superstars - but now there really is a crazy person running around...and he or she may be closer than anyone thinks!
Get up and playing like an expert quickly with Double Down Blackjack. This quick and uncomplicated approach to the exciting game of blackjack uncovers the rules of game and reveals simple methods to beat the dealer and win.The game of blackjack is perhaps the only casino game in which the player has the advantage over the house. That advantage, however, can be squandered by bad decision making. The key to playing blackjack successfully is to minimize luck with sound and basic betting principles. With a basic understanding of odds and card counting any one can walk away with the casino's money.
The Coffee Pot Mining Company is on the way to the California gold fields when a dying man's treasure map sidetracks them. Turns out prospecting for gold is a lot like work. With bits of colour in the pan, the mother-lode must be around there somewhere. A short story in the western tradition.
Murder isn’t supposed to be in the cards for blackjack dealer Maddie Larsson. Busted takes on a new meaning when her favorite customer, a former Poker World Tour champion, is murdered. His family claims—loudly and often—Maddie is the gold-digging murderer. She better prove she’s on the level before the real killer cashes in her chips. If the victim’s body had been dumped five hundred yards up the road, Franklin County Sheriff’s Detective JC Dimitrak wouldn’t have been assigned to the Tom Tom Casino murder case. Instead, he’s hunting for suspects and evidence while dealing with a nemesis from the past and trying to preserve his own future. He better play his hand correctly and find the killer before an innocent woman takes the ultimate hit.
‘What am I supposed to do when he starts spewing his bullshit?’ Barack Obama preparing for his first debate with Mitt Romney In their runaway bestseller Game Change / Race of a Lifetime, Mark Halperin and John Heilemann captured the full drama of Barack Obama’s improbable, dazzling victory over the Clintons, John McCain and Sarah Palin. With the same masterly reporting, unparalleled access, and narrative skill, Double Down picks up the story in the Oval Office, where the president is beset by crises both inherited and unforeseen – facing defiance from his political foes, disenchantment from voters, disdain from the nation’s powerful finance figures and dysfunction within the West Wing. As 2012 looms, leaders of the Republican Party, salivating over Obama’s political fragility, see a chance to wrestle back control of the White House – and the country. So how did the Republicans screw it up? How did Obama survive the onslaught and defy the predictions of a one-term presidency? Double Down follows the gaudy carnival of Republican contenders – ambitious and flawed, famous and infamous, charismatic and cartoonish – as Mitt Romney, the straitlaced, can-do, gaffe-prone multimillionaire from Massachusetts, scraped and scratched his way to the nomination, while Obama is seen storming out of a White House meeting with his high command after accusing them of betrayal, and gradually transforming a tense détente with Bill Clinton into political gold. Double Down takes you into back rooms and closed-door meetings, laying bare the secret history of the 2012 campaign in a panoramic account of an election that was as hard fought as it was lastingly consequential.
Just when you think (& have thought) you know someone, a drastic twist of events occurs. Megan and Matt live what appears to be the perfect normal life, only for Megan to discover the imperfections in a thrilling life changing chain of events that just don't for Matt, he finds out quickly that living with lies and secrets can backfire and cause more lies and secrets in a drastic game changer situation.
THE SECOND BOOK IN THE RIVETING WAVERLY SERIES A mob boss has given professional gambler Timothy Waverly two weeks to make good on a $300,000 debt…or die at the hands of two hit men. Waverly’s only hope is convince a pill-popping, ex-girlfriend and her loser husband to set him up in a series of high-stakes poker games in Palm Beach with rich Arab prince who cheats at cards. But that’s not the only game that’s rigged. Waverly knows he’s going to be killed as soon as he pays his debt…and that somehow he’s got to cheat death in his biggest gamble yet.

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