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Mathews uses a limited definition of paranormal, and examines works set, for the most part, in a relatively realistic modern world inhabited by both humans and paranormal beings.
Lance is a dashing and wild international marijuana smuggler whose love for surfing huge waves epitomizes his character. He is a man who lives according to his own rules beyond the fringes of society. His world comes crashing down when he is woken in the middle of the night at his mountain enclave and find's himself staring down the barrel of a gun. Federal agents came to kidnap him and bring him to jail facing charges of fraud and growing marijuana. He must stand trial against their presumptions and alleged crimes. Given a long sentence he is sent to prison to serve his time in America's worst Federal lockups known by guards and inmates alike as the prison from hell. As Lance's world is torn apart and he is thrust into the nightmare of incarceration, he meet's another prisoner who teaches him the true implications of his physical bondage. Joseph reveals to Lance that the world beyond the barbed wire fence is as much of a prison as the one he is in. He is shown a secret that is coded in law that will not only allow him to walk out the gates a free man, but will unlock a treasure trove of wealth beyond his wildest imagination. Not knowing of the beast he is toying with, he puts to use the tools he is armed with that might gain his freedom and access to incredible riches risking more than he ever could have foreseen. Revealed is the truth that there is hierarchy ascending to the top of every power structure in society but does not stop once the apex of its perceived seat is reached. A "higher authority" or intelligence governs the construct from above as cells would be overseen in a greater body. Peeling back the veil it is seen that there is a greater story surrounding Lance's personal drama as his mirror image exists as a clone on the moon. Sci has been manufactured by "The Corporation" and is a slave on the dark side of the moon in a top secret mining operation hidden from the population on Earth. Much like Lance, Sci has been raised and programmed to toil for "The Corporation" but his untamable side makes him question what his authorities have told him about his incarnation and the state of planet Earth. In a synchronistic twist of tandem parallel realities Sci and Lance are simultaneously awakened to the truth of their bondage. Unaware of each others existences their actions draw their time-lines together causing their destinies to entangle. This situation alert's an even "higher authority" of their breakthrough and the intense discoveries which might change the fabric of reality. The Council of New Eden stands as the vanguard and opposition to a force that wishes to draw humanity into the folds of The Shadow and an ever expanding Luciferian rebellion throughout the Universe. The Council of New Eden communes with a "higher authority" to aid our heroes in overcoming the odds that are stacked against them. Humanity stands on the brink of repeating the biblical fall. At war with oneself the destiny of the Universe is experienced and determined by each individual that will culminate in the conclusion of mankind's story and ultimate fate. The exposure of a Cosmic war where entire solar systems and galaxies have been committed to the Luciferian rebellion is now uncovered. A soul's battle within and the choices that are made will determine the course of it's trajectory in ascension or descent. Ascension for a soul migrating up and closer to the source will reincarnate it in a vessel with a greater capacity for awareness and creativity. A soul's descent is marked by it's movement down the whirlpool of existence where it is reincarnated into embodiments that ultimately lead it to being inert and devoid of an animating presence. The battle between The Shadow and The Light continues. "A mesmerizing journey through pages that open up new worlds. You won't be able to put it down...and you'll be transformed when you do..." - Laurie Goldstein, From Peabody Award winning Film Producer
Angeliad of Surazeus - Revelation of Angela presents 136,377 lines of verse in 1,346 poems, lyrics, ballads, sonnets, dramatic monologues, eulogies, hymns, and epigrams written by Surazeus 2001 to 2005.

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