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Drawing Anime : Pencil Drawings Step by Step Easy steps and you can draw! Start with basic Simple Anime sketches and you will be drawing wonderful pictures in no time! The step by step drawings give you room to practice your drawing talent. Many different Dragon for you to try - you can even colour the finished drawings if you like! Ideal for ages 3 to 11 years, preschool to grade 5.
+ FREE BOOK Buy this book and get BOOK for FREE Learning anime is beautiful process among all genres of art. The characters are amazingly beautiful and expressive. That is why; it becomes even more interesting to learn about them and draw them. Before you learn drawing anime from this book, you must know the elementary things about drawing. Here is a preview of what you'll learn how to draw: - Anime Eyes, expressing different Emotions- Anime Lips , expressing different Emotions- Anime Faces Sketches: Male. Female, Child- Different Female Hairstyles - Different Male Hairstyles - Face Profiles: sketching half face, turn face and full faceAnd Full drawing of Anime Characters with different Emotions:- Angry Man's Face - Female Face - Serious Girl- Happy Girl's Face - Girl's Face About To Cry- Laughing Girl- Sexy Girl Enjoy reading and practicing, and do not forget to receive your FREE BONUS BOOK All the instructions you will find at the end of the book.Good luck!
Table of Contents INTRODUCTION Learning How To Draw THE BASIC ELEMENTS OF DRAWING Lines Shapes Value OVERVIEW OF A MANGA CHARACTER STEP BY STEP DRAWING OF A MANGA HEAD Front View Quarter View Side View DRAWING THE HAIR THE EYES DRAWING THE EARS Drawing Manga Mouths DRAWING MANGA POSES COLORING MANGA CHARACTERS Author Bio Publisher INTRODUCTION Manga is a term for the drawing style developed by the Japanese that they use in their comic books. It has a distinctive look that separates it from the western comic style. Because of its appeal to its viewers manga become popular throughout the world, many enjoy reading it because of the interesting plot of the story as well as the art and eventually manga evolved into an animated version called anime. If you want to learn how to draw or if you just want to advance your skills in drawing manga, this book is perfect for you. This book features step by step instructions and includes some advanced techniques that will really help you improve your drawing skills.
You can get FREE bonus book. All the information you will find on the last page Welcome to Anime Sketching for Beginners the book! In this book you will learn all about how to sketch anime and manga drawings. You may be starting out in this book with no knowledge of these types of drawings and that is perfectly fine because within these pages you will ascertain all that is required to be able to craft your very own anime images. For this book we will start out with the very basics. The materials for this specific adventure in artistic creation and expression are literally just that of a pencil and a stack of paper. Which means that there is far more focus put on the actual learning and experience of the craft? You will learn all sorts of the intimate details of crafting anime drawings. Here is a preview of what you'll learn: EyesMouthLipsNoseHairstyleNervous BoyYoung GirlOffended WomanWide Eyed BoyAttentive LadySmiling Young GirlSitting WomanGirl in DressKneeling GirlfriendAdult on CouchYoung missGirl with long hairWoman on chairBeautiful missyCrazy ladyCrouching GirlLeaping BoyRelaxed ManYoung sonSeated male personLittle kidStanding ChildStanding GuySportive BoyMale-childDreamed Boy + Bonus BookKeywords: drawing paper, drawing pencils, drawing kit, relaxation books, drawing basics, drawing for kids, sketching for beginners, drawing for beginners, beginners guide to sketching, step by step drawing, drawing books, drawing book for kids 9-12, drawing book for adults, drawing pencils for kids, easy drawings, how to draw manga, anime drawings, drawing anime faces.
Are you a fan of ANIME & MANGA? Are you looking for a DRAWING TUTORIAL of Anime FACES and EMOTIONS? This book is a great choice for you! It is a STEP by STEP guide that will show you how EASY to DRAW 28 different Anime & Manga EMOTIONS on various FACES. You will be ABLE to DRAW each face in just 5 EASY to follow STEPS. In addition, there are short INSTRUCTION of the main distinctive futures for every face. It will help you to UNDERSTAND the DIFFERENCE between various emotions and will make the DRAWING process EASIER and INTERESTING. Grab this book and ENJOY DRAWING! The LIST of FACES and EMOTIONS you will find in this book: Boy in Calmness Smiling Girl Joyful Girl Laughing Boy Girl with the Tears of Joy Trembling Girl Impatient Woman Irritated Man Severe Irritated Girl Angry Boy Girl in a Stupor Boy in a Strong Stupor Frightened Boy Disappointed Woman Crying Woman Weeping Woman Sobbing Teenager Puzzled Girl Astonished Woman A Greatly Amazed Boy Tired Old Man A Girl in Disgust A Boy with Tongue Out Girl in Love Sleeping Woman Angry and Puzzled Boy Bored Girl Winking Girl
Provides step-by-step instructions for drawing manga characters, focusing on creating realistic bodies and movements, and using facial features and body positioning to portray emotions.

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