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This collection is a selection of comic items from almanacs published between 1776 and 1800. Dodge uses his smooth, astute writing style to unfold the humor in a section of American Heritage. The eight chapters are categorized by subject, including "Comic American Heroes," "The Tall Tale," and "Men, Women, Marriage, and Sex."
Reflecting the best recent scholarship of Early America and the Early Republic, the articles in this collection study the many dimensions of American political history. The authors explore Native American interests and encounters with settlers, diplomatic endeavors, environmental issues, legal debates and practiced law, women's citizenship and rights, servitude and slavery and popular political activity. The geographical perspective is as expansive as the topical, with strong representation of trans-Atlantic and continental interests of many nations and peoples. The international and interdisciplinary perspectives illustrate the dynamic transformations of America during this era of settlement, conquest, development, revolution and nation building.
"A collection of essays on the American Revolution in Pennsylvania. Topics include the politicization of the English- and German-language press and the population they served; the Revolution in remote areas of the state; and new historical perspectives on the American and British armies during the Valley Forge winter"--Provided by publisher.
A Divinity for All Persuasions uncovers the religious signifiance of early America's most ubiquitous popular genre. Other than a Bible and perhaps a few schoolbooks and sermons, almanacs were the only printed items most Americans owned before 1820. Purchased annually, the almanac was a calendar and astrologically-based medical handbook surrounded by poetry, essays, anecdotes, and a variety of practical information. Employing a wealth of archival material, T.J. Tomlin analyzes the pan-Protestant sensibility distributed through the almanac's pages between 1730 and 1820. By disseminating a collection of Protestant concepts regarding God's existence, divine revelation, the human condition, and the afterlife, almanacs played an unparalleled role in early American religious life. Influenced by readers' opinions and printers' pragmatism, the religious content of everyday print supports an innovative interpretation of early American cultural and religious history. In sharp contrast to a historiography centered on intra-Protestant competition, Tomlin shows that most early Americans relied on a handful of Protestant "essentials" rather than denominational specifics to define and organize their religious lives.
Detailed, scholarly study examines the ideas that developed between 1750 and 1900 regarding the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life, including those of Kant, Herschel, Voltaire, Lowell, many others. 16 illustrations.
Deutschland nach der Revolution von 1848 - repressive Regierungen, soziale Unsicherheit und zerschlagene Traume. Die Zahl der deutschen Auswanderer in die Vereinigten Staaten steigt jahrlich an. Unter ihnen viele namhafte Vorstande und Mitglieder der sogenannten freien und deutschkatholischen Gemeinden - einer religiosen und politischen Oppositionsbewegung -, die in den USA einen neuen Wirkungskreis aufbauen. Ihre Ideen pragen nicht nur das Sozial- und Schulwesen der Deutschen, sondern tragen entscheidend zum Aufbau einer deutsch-amerikanischen Kultur bei. Das vorliegende Buch untersucht die Ideologie der deutschen Bewegung der freien Gemeinden und Freidenker Vereine in den Vereinigten Staaten anhand des Freidenker-Almanachs, einem Jahrbuch, dass von 1878 bis 1901 von fuehrenden Mitgliedern der Bewegung gestaltet wurde und Schluesseltexte zu religiosen, sozialen, politischen und literarischen Vorstellungen enthalt. Neben einer erstmaligen Zusammenfassung der Geschichte der deutschen freien Gemeinden in den USA und der Analyse der Texte im Almanach, enthalt die Arbeit einen umfangreichen bio-bibliografischen Uberblick ueber alle Autoren, in dem zahlreiche deutsch-amerikanische Literaten zum ersten Mal Erwahnung finden. "Das groae Verdienst des Werkes liegt in der breit basierten, gewissenhaften Aufarbeitung des Stoffes, die so ueberzeugend gelungen ist, dass man hier getrost von [einer] definitiven Studie a sprechen kann." Das Historisch-Politische Buch.

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