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Fully revised and brought up to date. The easiest way to learn Chinese for students of all ages with the clearest layout and entry structure. Each Chinese word and translation has a Pinyin transcription as well as Chinese characters. Designed for anyone who is starting to learn Chinese. The dictionary covers everyday language in both Chinese and English, so you can be sure of having access to all the vocabulary you need. All English translations underlined, pinyin transcription of Chinese characters, and thousands of examples show you how to use the translation in context. Supplement gives practical guidance on communicating in natural Chinese, and on writing Chinese characters. Hundreds of helpful language notes throughout the dictionary text. Clear colour layout ensures that you can find what you want quickly and easily. Free online study material available Other titles available in the Chinese range are Collins Chinese Dictionary and Grammar, Collins Pocket Chinese Dictionary and the Collins Gem Chinese Dictionary -- giving learners all the help they need in language learning.
With over 90,000 references and 118,000 translations, this dictionary is designed to help the user understand the language of the German media and contemporary literature. It includes a guide to German grammar, and entries on German life and culture.
The last word on the languages of today Easy to read, easy to use, easy to understand Here are more than 90,000 entries and translations of Mandarin Chinese and English terms, including the essential expressions you need. Get it right: thousands of examples of phrases and sentences show you exactly how translations are used. Many special features help ease your introduction to Mandarin. There’s a guide to writing Chinese characters and pronouncing pinyin; a radical index takes you straight to the character you are looking for; pinyin transcriptions are provided for all Chinese characters; and special entries on Chinese life and culture bring the language to life. This is the ideal dictionary for anyone starting to learn Mandarin Chinese—at home, at school, or abroad!
Learn how to write 250 of the commonest Chinese characters, with stroke by stroke guidance on every page. With thousands of characters to learn, beginning to read and write Chinese is a daunting task. Aimed at learners, this book takes you through 250 of the commonest characters in a clear and accessible way. The meaning of every character is explained along with information about its radical, the compound words it can form, its history, and more. There is a practice grid on every page, showing how the character is written, with space for you to practise writing the character for yourself. It is generally agreed that learners of Chinese need a working knowledge of about 100 characters in order to make themselves at all understood and to travel in China, so Easy Learning Chinese Characters is a great place to start.
Sie haben angefangen, Japanisch zu lernen, haben regelmäßig Kontakt zu japanischen Geschäftspartnern oder wollen Ihren Urlaub in Japan verbringen? In diesem Buch erfahren Sie alles über die Besonderheiten der Sprache, erhalten eine kurze Einführung in Betonung und Grammatik und lernen anhand von vielen typischen Alltagssituationen Japanisch zu sprechen. So können Sie sich nicht nur auf Japanisch vorstellen und Small Talk betreiben, sondern bekommen auch beim Einkaufen und im Restaurant das, was Sie wollen. Mit der CD zum Buch können Sie viele Sprachübungen anhören und nachsprechen.
Collins English to Mandarin Chinese (One Way) Dictionary allows you to look up Chinese words instantly while reading on your Kindle. Its clear layout allows for fast and easy access when you most need it. An ideal e-reading companion for all learners.

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