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Wastewater treatment technology is undergoing a profound transformation due to the fundamental changes in regulations governing the discharge and disposal of h- ardous pollutants. Established design procedures and criteria, which have served the industry well for decades, can no longer meet the ever-increasing demand. Toxicity reduction requirements dictate in the development of new technologies for the treatment of these toxic pollutants in a safe and cost-effective manner. Fo- most among these technologies are electrochemical processes. While electrochemical technologies have been known and utilized for the tre- ment of wastewater containing heavy metal cations, the application of these p- cesses is only just a beginning to be developed for the oxidation of recalcitrant organic pollutants. In fact, only recently the electrochemical oxidation process has been rec- nized as an advanced oxidation process (AOP). This is due to the development of boron-doped diamond (BDD) anodes on which the oxidation of organic pollutants is mediated via the formation of active hydroxyl radicals.
The first book of its kind, Environmental Electrochemistry considers the role that electrochemical science and engineering can play in environmental remediation, pollution targeting, and pollutant recycling. Electrochemical-based sensors and abatement technologies for the detection, quantification, and treatment of environmental pollutants are described. Each chapter includes an extensive listing of supplemental readings, with illustrations throughout the bookto clarify principles and approaches detailed in the text. The first book to review electro- and photoelectrochemical technologies for environmental remediation, pollution sensors and pollutant recycling Applicable to a broad audience of environmental scientists and practicing electrochemists Includes both laboratory concepts and practical applications
This book concentrates on the electrochemistry/environment relationship including, among others, chapters on design and operation of electrochemical reactors and separators, process simulation, development and scale-up, optimization and control of electrochemical processes applied to environmental problems, also including economic analysis, description of unique current and future applications, in addition to basic research into developing new technologies. It is hoped that this volume will be considered interesting and extremely timely to specialists in electrochemistry and environmental sciences.
Die „Klassiker der Technik“ sind unveränderte Neuauflagen traditionsreicher ingenieurwissenschaftlicher Werke. Wegen ihrer didaktischen Einzigartigkeit und der Zeitlosigkeit ihrer Inhalte gehören sie zur Standardliteratur. Hintergründe vieler computergestützter Verfahren erschließen sich erst durch das Studium dieses klassischen Wissens. In dem Klassiker zur Korrosion der Metalle wird der Stoff systematisch und didaktisch durchdacht dargestellt. Dabei beschränkt sich der Autor auf das Wesentliche und erläutert dennoch eine Fülle von Einzelfragen.
Contents: Oxygen The Essential Environmental Component As A Classical Electrochemical Element, Ion Voltammetry at the Interface Between Two Immiscible Electrolyte Solutions, Principles of Interfacial Measurements and Absorption Voltammetry with Mercury Electrodes, Adsorptive Stripping Voltammetry, Electrochemical Detection for High-Performance Separation Techniques and Flow Analysis, Electrochemical Gas Sensors, Electrochemistry of Environmentally Important Organic Substances, Electroanalysis in Environmental Control, Electrochemistry of Biologically Active Substances in Non-Aqueous Medium, Chemical and Electrochemical Transformations of 1, 2, 4 Trianine Herbicides.

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