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Dies wird seine letzte Beichte sein ... Pater Michael hat unzähligen Sündern die Beichte abgenommen. Doch dies wird seine letzte sein. Der Mann hinter der Trennwand gesteht, dass er zwei Menschen getötet hat - und der Geistliche wird der nächste sein. Der ermordete Pater hat einen Zwillingsbruder, der die FBI-Agenten Dillon Savich und Lacey Sherlock um Hilfe bittet. Sie finden eine Zeugin: die geheimnisvolle Obdachlose Nicola Jones. Doch auch sie steht auf der Liste des Killers ... eBooks von beTHRILLED - mörderisch gute Unterhaltung!
From the #1 New York Times bestselling author, Catherine Coulter, comes Eleventh Hour. The murder of a priest leads FBI agents Sherlock and Savich to their most baffling case yet, in this riveting novel of suspense. Catherine Coulter won acclaim for her "fast-paced twists and turns, believable dialogue, and case of well-developed characters" (San Francisco Chronicle). Now Coulter delivers the suspense thriller of her career in Eleventh Hour. When FBI agent Dane Carver's twin brother, Father Michael Joseph, is brutally murdered in his San Francisco church, husband-and-wife agents Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich take a personal interest in the investigation. Then Nicola "Nick" Jones, a homeless woman and the only witness to the shooting, is scared out of her mind because she's trying to hide from her own monsters - who are drawing closer and closer. The chase goes from San Francisco to the Premiere Studios in Los Angeles and its new television hit, a show all about murder. Packed with surprises, Eleventh Hour finds Catherine Coulter at her quintessential best.
"AT THE ELEVENTH HOUR" plunges its readers into the deep sea of SELF -DISCOVERY, MENTAL AWAKENING, SOUL SEARCHING and REDEMPTION. The book has an aura of love, suspense, stabbing, entertainment, trust, misfortune and death. At the same time its different themes also grip one's mind with the redemptive power of love, friendship and infidelity. Its simple but flawless narration provides enough mental food for the readers to go for self-analysis and forced to think if he had been there what would have been his situation. How he would have reacted and retaliated in those breathstopping and chilling circumstances. And above all the readers vividly feel the heat of incredibility and wonders at the mysteries of life as the climax is highly unpredictable.
Following on from the highly acclaimed Facing Armageddon and Passchendaele in Perspective, At the Eleventh Hour recognises that a world was ending in November 1918, and by international collaboration on the 80th Anniversary we learn through this book, what it was like to experience the transition from war to peace. Distinguished historians brilliantly convey a sense of immediacy as the Armistice is recreated and analysed. The reader will not just acquire new areas of information, he will have some of the existing knowledge which he thought was soundly held, strikingly challenged in the pages of this superbly illustrated book.
This book covers the relevant theory pertaining to the practical examination and hence facilitates a student to organize himself readily for the relevant theoretical sections of practical examination in consultation with a standard textbook. Following are the different aspects dealt with in the book. 1. Good theoretical knowledge as required for different cases (long and short cases) 2. Ability to recognize the instrument and to know its salient features, indications, methodology of usage, and the specific surgical procedure in which it can be used. The basic details of the main surgical procedures (tonsillectomy, mastoidectomy, septoplasty, adenoidectomy, direct laryngoscopy, oesophagoscopy and bronchoscopy). 3. Ability to recognize and read the X-ray plate. 4. Basic knowledge of the surgical specimen especially that of malignancy larynx, polypoidal mass, malignancy maxilla, sinus tract, etc. 5. Clinical case sheet assessment.
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