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Women instinctively seek security. They want to feel loved and protected by someone who cares for them. For many women, their earthly fathers failed miserably in this role. In Embraced by the Father, Susanne Scheppmann explains how God invites every woman to dance with Him as a daughter might stand on tiptoe on her daddy’s feet to high step across the room. Whether married, widowed, divorced or single, God still desires for you to dance through life in His everlasting arms. Through the metaphor of dance, women will recognize the grace, strength and security available to them through the names of God.
Your life is worth saving through God's grace. Though she is now an award-winning Latin contemporary Christian music artist and worship leader, Christine D'Clario spent the early years of her life overcoming personal hardships, including the death of her father; moving to another country; feelings of unforgiveness, loss, and rejection; being sexually molested; and even living a double life while being a leader in the church. In Prodigal Heart Christine shares her compelling story and the joy she experienced in surrendering completely to God. This book is for all those who believe their lives are broken beyond repair and for those who think their scars are too deep to be healed. You will see a true story of redemption, giving you hope that any life is worth saving.
In a text designed to provide the reader with a desire to have a more intimate relationship with God, Michaels relates Moses' connection to God.
What is your true identity? We all can be identified in many ways and some of us live our whole lives without even questioning the things that define us. Bombarded with messages from our culture telling us who we are or who we should be, we can build our identity on a myriad of things: a bank account, good looks, career, talents, ministry, friends, family. But the problem with defining ourselves by these ‘descriptions’ is what happens when they are no longer true about us. If you are a follower of Jesus, the truest thing about you is that you are embraced, loved and accepted by God. Through scripture and narrative, Erica Dean shares how we can joyfully live this truth and become who we are in Christ. Proceeds from the sale of this book go to Forever Found, a nonprofit Christian organization founded to support the rescue and restoration of victims of child trafficking and prostitution.
An invitation to embrace a spirituality of beauty. Grounded in the foundational writings of Hans Urs von Balthasar, it explores the ability of beauty to introduce components of prayer, joy, and spirituality into our lives today.

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