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Ein Volksfeind ist ein gesellschaftskritisches Drama des norwegischen Schriftstellers Henrik Ibsen aus dem Jahr 1882. Leitmotive sind Wahrheit und Freiheit sowie Mehrheit und Recht. Besonders beanstandet Ibsen die öffentliche Meinung, die oft als Wahrheit akzeptiert werde. Er schrieb Ein Volksfeind als Antwort auf die Kritik an seinen Dramen Nora oder Ein Puppenheim und Gespenster. Beide wurden zu seiner Zeit als skandalös betrachtet, da sich Ibsen gegen die herrschenden Konventionen wandte. Ibsens letztes Gesellschaftsdrama Ein Volksfeind hatte, wie von ihm erwartet, trotz des brisanten Themas beim Publikum und der Theaterkritik Erfolg und wird auch heute noch häufig aufgeführt und als Schullektüre eingesetzt. Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906) war ein norwegischer Dramatiker und Lyriker, der gegen die Moral und "Lebenslüge" seiner Zeit zu Felde zog und im "Kampf der Geschlechter" im Gegensatz zu August Strindberg den Standpunkt der Frau vertrat. Seine bürgerlichen Dramen zeigten ethischen Ernst und großes psychologisches Einfühlungsvermögen.
Relates the author's eyewitness account of her parents' arrests in Cold War Budapest, Hungary, and the terrible separation that followed, drawing on secret police files to reveal how her family was betrayed by friends and colleagues.
"Katherine Eaton has compiled a collection of essays on the destruction of the arts in Russia in the 1930s. The essays provide information about what we know was lost, and speculation about what might have been lost, in the Stalinist Great Purge"
The Soviet era was a time of social and economic upheaval in Russia's history as the Bolsheviks strove to build a socialist utopia based on the theories of Karl Marx. Central to this endeavor was the 25-year dictatorship of Josef Stalin, whose determination to make the Soviet Union a dominant industrial and military power created misery on a grand scale and caused death of untold numbers of people. Stalin arbitrarily invoked the specter of "enemies of the people" to destroy anyone who opposed the new socialist order. Millions of Soviet citizens were executed in continuous purges, and millions more perished in the slave labor camps of the Gulag. This book describes the fate of those citizens who were declared enemies of the people not because of what they had done but because of who they were. Stalin's repression not only destroyed the best and brightest, it prevented the development of a civil society in the Soviet Union which would have promoted economic justice, the rule of law and basic human rights for all.
Shortly after assuming office in January 2017, President Donald Trump accused the press of being an “enemy of the American people.” Attacks on the media had been a hallmark of Trump’s presidential campaign, but this charge marked a dramatic turning point: language like this ventured into dangerous territory. Twentieth-century dictators—notably, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao—had all denounced their critics, especially the press, as “enemies of the people.” Their goal was to delegitimize the work of the press as “fake news” and create confusion in the public mind about what’s real and what isn’t; what can be trusted and what can’t be. That, it seems, is also Trump’s goal. In Enemy of the People, Marvin Kalb, an award-winning American journalist with more than six decades of experience both as a journalist and media observer, writes with passion about why we should fear for the future of American democracy because of the unrelenting attacks by the Trump administration on the press. As his new book shows, the press has been a bulwark in the defense of democracy. Kalb writes about Edward R. Murrow’s courageous reporting on Senator Joseph McCarthy’s “red scare” theatrics in the early 1950s, which led to McCarthy’s demise. He reminds us of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein’s reporting in the early 1970s that led to President Richard Nixon’s resignation. Today, because of revolutionary changes in journalism, no Murrow is ready at the battlements. Journalism has been severely weakened. Yet, without a virile, strong press, democracy is in peril. Kalb’s book is a frightening indictment of President Trump’s efforts to delegitimize the American press—and put the future of our democracy in question.
Something has gone wrong. We're living in an age of celebratory racism, extreme inequality, uncertainty and fear. We're governed by people who claim to be populist but who seem to hate everyone. There are idiots at the wheel and we're heading for a cliff in a big red bus and no one knows how to save us.

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