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Katarina Pijetlovic is the first author to address the issue of breakaway leagues in football and their treatment under EU law. In this book she guides the reader through EU sports law, the specificities of the sporting industry and the problems and power struggles in European football governance in the context of the breakaway threats by elite clubs. In order to analyse the legality of UEFA clauses that restrict the formation of such breakaway structures, the author first provides a progressive interpretation of the applicable EU sports law and an in-depth analytical review of EU sports cases decided under internal market and competition provisions, including a novel perspective on the UEFA home-grown rule and the Bosman case. Thereafter, she sets out an original theory of convergence between TFEU provisions on competition and the internal market in the light of sporting exceptions. Finally, in applying the legal principles thus outlined Katarina Pijetlovic explores the legality of the restrictive UEFA clauses and the case for the formation of alternative leagues in European football under EU sports law. A number of surprising outcomes emerge from this analytical process. Conversely, she also tests the largely neglected issue of the legality of forming a breakaway league by the European elite football clubs. The systematic way in which the reader is guided through EU sports law and the legal issues under consideration makes the book accessible for EU lawyers as well as non-EU sports lawyers, on both an academic and a practitioner’s level. Katarina Pijetlovic holds licentiate and doctoral degrees in EU sports law from the University of Helsinki. The book appears in the ASSER International Sports Law Series, under the editorship of Dr. David McArdle, Prof. Ben Van Rompuy and Marco van der Harst LL.M.
In December 1995, the Court of Justice of the European Union delivered its judgment in its most famous case to date: the Bosman case. Twenty years later, this book explores in detail how this landmark judgment legally and politically transformed the relationship between the European Union and sport. Written by leading academics in the field, the ten contributions in this book reflect on how Bosman fundamentally shaped the application of EU law to sport and its transformative effects on sports governance. The book’s innovative perspectives on the Bosman ruling makes it important reading for scholars, practitioners and policy-makers concerned with EU law and Sports law. With a foreword by Prof. Dr. Carl Otto Lenz, Advocate General at the Court of Justice in the Bosman-case. Dr. Antoine Duval is Senior Researcher for International and European Sports Law at the T.M.C. Asser Instituut in The Hague. He holds a Ph.D. on the interaction between Lex Sportiva and EU Law from the European University Institute in Florence, where he was the conveyor of the Transnational Law Working Group. Prof. dr. Ben Van Rompuy is a senior researcher at the T.M.C. Asser Instituut, where he heads the ASSER International Sports Law Centre, and is Visiting Professor of Competition Policy at the Free University of Brussels (VUB). He holds a Ph.D. in law from the VUB and held visiting scholar positions at Georgetown University and New York University. The book appears in the ASSER International Sports Law Series, under the editorship of Prof. Dr. Ben Van Rompuy, Dr. Antoine Duval and Marco van der Harst LL.M.
Principles & Practice in EU Sports Law provides an overview of EU Sports Law. In particular it assesses sporting bodies' claims for legal autonomy from the 'ordinary law' of states and international organisations. Sporting bodies insist on using their expertise to create a set of globally applicable rules which should not be deviated from irrespective of the territory on which they are applied. The application of the lex sportiva, which refers to the conventions that define a sport's operation, is analysed, as well as how this is used in claims for sporting autonomy. The lex sportiva may generate conflicts with a state or international institution such as the European Union, and the motives behind sporting bodies' claims in favour of the lex sportiva's autonomy may be motivated by concern to uphold its integrity or to preserve commercial gain. Stephen Weatherill's text underlines the tense relationship between lex sportiva and national and regional jurisdictions which is exemplified with specific focus on the EU. The development of EU sports law and its controversies are detailed, reinforced by the example of relevant legal principles in the context of the practice of sports law. The intellectual heart of the text endeavours to make a normative assessment of the strength of claims in favour of sporting autonomy, and the comparison between different jurisdictions and sports is evident. Furthermore the enduring dilemma facing sports lawyers running throughout the text is whether sport should be regarded as special, and in turn how (far) its special character should be granted legal recognition.
This book demonstrates that the European Union (EU) can curtail the autonomy of FIFA and UEFA by building upon insights from the principal-agent model. The author argues that EU institutional features complicate control, but do not render the EU powerless, and that FIFA and UEFA can deploy a variety of strategies to mitigate control.
This volume on Islamic scholarship provides new insights into the social and intellectual history of the complex learned culture in Muslim North India from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries, by analyzing popular and pietist, traditionalist and reformist movements and institutions.
"Rettet die Olympischen Spiele, bevor es zu spät ist", so lautet die Botschaft dieses Buches. Dass in der olympischen Bewegung nicht alles mit rechten Dingen zugeht, mag mancher bereits geahnt haben, doch die Auswüchse sind in Wirklichkeit skandalöser, als die meisten sich überhaupt vorstellen können. Nachweisbar sind aktive Bestechungen von Kampfrichtern und die Vertuschung von positiven Ergebnissen bei Doping-Tests. Unzweifelhaft sind die massive Beeinflussung von Sportfunktionären und die Manipulation von Wahlen oder sportpolitischen Entscheidungen allein aus wirtschaftlichen Interessen, wobei bis zu seinem Tod Horst Dassler, der ehemalige Adidas-Chef, lange Zeit die Fäden in der Hand hielt. So verwundert es nicht, dass kritische Journalisten mundtot gemacht werden und das Internationale Olympische Komitee schon fast Qualitäten einer Geheimloge aufweist. Mit einem Wort: Es gibt genügend Beweise dafür, dass die hehren Ideale der modernen Spiele sich inzwischen zu einem olympischen Alptraum ausgewachsen haben. Es ist den Herren der Ringe wichtiger, Geld und Macht anzuhäufen, als durch fairen Sport zur Völkerverständigung beizutragen. All dies dokumentiert der preisgekrönte englische Sportjournalist Andrew Jennings in diesem fesselnden Report.

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