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One of the most exciting new subjects in Algebraic Number Theory and Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry is the theory of Euler systems. Euler systems are special collections of cohomology classes attached to p-adic Galois representations. Introduced by Victor Kolyvagin in the late 1980s in order to bound Selmer groups attached to p-adic representations, Euler systems have since been used to solve several key problems. These include certain cases of the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture and the Main Conjecture of Iwasawa Theory. Because Selmer groups play a central role in Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, Euler systems should be a powerful tool in the future development of the field. Here, in the first book to appear on the subject, Karl Rubin presents a self-contained development of the theory of Euler systems. Rubin first reviews and develops the necessary facts from Galois cohomology. He then introduces Euler systems, states the main theorems, and develops examples and applications. The remainder of the book is devoted to the proofs of the main theorems as well as some further speculations. The book assumes a solid background in algebraic Number Theory, and is suitable as an advanced graduate text. As a research monograph it will also prove useful to number theorists and researchers in Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry.
Heegner points on both modular curves and elliptic curves over global fields of any characteristic form the topic of this research monograph. The Heegner module of an elliptic curve is an original concept introduced in this text. The computation of the cohomology of the Heegner module is the main technical result and is applied to prove the Tate conjecture for a class of elliptic surfaces over finite fields, this conjecture is equivalent to the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture for the corresponding elliptic curves over global fields.
The aim of this book is to give a systematic exposition of results in some important cases where p-adic families and p-adic L-functions are studied. We first look at p-adic families in the following cases: general linear groups, symplectic groups and definite unitary groups. We also look at applications of this theory to modularity lifting problems. We finally consider p-adic L-functions for GL(2), the p-adic adjoint L-functions and some cases of higher GL(n). Contents:An Overview of Serre's p-Adic Modular Forms (Miljan Brakočević and R Sujatha)p-Adic Families of Ordinary Siegel Cusp Forms (Jacques Tilouine)Ordinary Families of Automorphic Forms on Definite Unitary Groups (Baskar Balasubramanyam and Dipramit Majumdar)Notes on Modularity Lifting in the Ordinary Case (David Geraghty)p-Adic L-Functions for Hilbert Modular Forms (Mladen Dimitrov)Arithmetic of Adjoint L-Values (Haruzo Hida)p-Adic L-Functions for GLn (Debargha Banerjee and A Raghuram)Non-Triviality of Generalised Heegner Cycles Over Anticyclotomic Towers: A Survey (Ashay A Burungale)The Euler System of Heegner Points and p-Adic L-Functions (Ming-Lun Hsieh)Non-Commutative q-Expansions (Mahesh Kakde) Readership: Researchers in algebra and number theory.

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