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This highly successful book has now been fully updated to take account of events since 1990, including a very full coverage of the major consequences stemming from the breakup of the Soviet empire.
Rev. and updated ed. of: Surpassing realism: the politics of European integration since 1945. c2003.
This accessible and stimulating account of world history since 1945 provides a framework for making sense of the political and social developments of this period. The underlying theme of the book is the tension between the world conceived as a unity and the world conceived as a diversity. From this perspective, the author discusses the impulse towards globalization in the aftermath of the Second World War, the divisions inherent in the Cord War, and the shifting allegiances and conflicts in the decades which followed. He ends with an assessment of our position with regard to world unity and disunity as the millennium approaches.
This text brings home the waves of transformation that have washed across Europe in the second half of the 20th century, sketching out general patterns of this change, and exploring some of the local themes and variations in parts of Europe.
A Companion to Europe Since 1945 provides a stimulatingguide to numerous important developments which have influenced thepolitical, economic, social, and cultural character of Europeduring and since the Cold War. Includes 22 original essays by an international team of expertscholars Examines the social, intellectual, economic, cultural, andpolitical changes that took place throughout Europe in the Cold Warand Post Cold War periods Discusses a wide range of topics including the Single Market,European-American relations, family life and employment,globalization, consumption, political parties, Europeandecolonization, European identity, security and defence policies,and Europe's fight against international terrorism Presents Europe in a broad geographical conception, to giveequal weighting to developments in the Eastern and Western Europeanstates

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