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#1 New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter's first contemporary suspense novel. First published in 1988, False Pretenses is the explosive story of how one woman survives the destruction of her perfect life—and the intentions of three mysterious men... A famous concert pianist married to a wealthy international business tycoon, Elizabeth Carleton is the envy of all until the night her husban is stabbed in the chest with an ice pick and everything falls apart. Accused of murder, Elizabeth has little hope of being exonerated until a surprise witness appears to give her an airtight alibi. The jury finds her not guilty. The only thing is: She’s never met the man who testified on her behalf. Free and completely bewildered, Elizabeth must now cope with the financial empire her husband left behind and his family, who want to destroy her. Then three men suddenly appear in her life. Can she trust any of them? Or is one of them a murderer? From the Paperback edition.
#1 New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter takes readers on a heart-stopping thrill ride in these four novels of contemporary suspense. FALSE PRETENSES When her husband is murdered, a woman struggles to survive the destruction of her perfect life—and the intentions of three mysterious men... BEYOND EDEN A model must rely on the protection of a tough ex-cop when her past catches up to her—and wants her dead. IMPULSE A journalist learns that her real father is a powerful arms dealer and travels to his private Caribbean island to get revenge. But her attraction to a resort manager quickly sends things spiraling out of control. BORN TO BE WILD Drama hits close to home when someone tries to kill the star of a popular soap opera—forcing her to turn to the last man she'd expect for help.
Eine blutige Spur ... FBI-Agent Dillon Savich ist am Boden zerstört: Seine Schwester Lilly ist mit ihrem Auto gegen einen Baum gerast. War es wirklich der zweite Selbstmordversuch nach dem Tod ihrer Tochter sieben Monate zuvor? Dillon kann dies nicht glauben, vor allem als er herausfindet, dass Lilly äußerst wertvolle Bilder geerbt hat - und mehr als die Hälfte davon durch wertvolle Kopien ersetzt wurden. Was steckt hinter dem mysteriösen Kunstraub? eBooks von beTHRILLED - mörderisch gute Unterhaltung!
Nordengland 1841: Der bekannte Mystery-Autor Grayson Sherbrooke wird von einem Nachbarsmädchen um dringende Hilfe gebeten. Etwas Schreckliches bedroht sie und ihre Mutter. Ihr Haus - Wolffe Hall - wird immer wieder von furchteinflößenden Beben erschüttert und in der Eingangshalle befindet sich ein großes schwarzes Loch, das sie den Abyssus nennt. Ihr Großvater scheint etwas mit der Bedrohung zu tun zu haben. Er weigert sich jedoch, Informationen herauszugeben. Schon bald ist Grayson in ein Mysterium verwickelt, das einen ungerechten Tod und eine paranormale Kraft beinhaltet, die das Leben der Bewohner von Wolffe Hall bedroht. eBooks von beBEYOND - fremde Welten und fantastische Reisen.
A journalist's quest for revenge takes her to a private Caribbean island in this contemporary suspense novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter. When Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Rafaella Holland discovers that her “real” father is powerful arms dealer Dominick Giovanni, all she can think about is vengeance. Vengeance for what he did to her now comatose mother. To gather enough proof to send him to prison for the rest of his miserable life, Rafaella will have to travel to the private island compound in the Caribbean where he runs his operations. Marcus Devlin manages the resort on Giovanni’s Island, a private playground for the wealthy and powerful. He’s very good at what he does, but Rafaella wonders if he’s really what he seems. As Rafaella and Marcus grow closer, events threaten to spin out of control when their small world on Giovanni’s Island starts to implode... From the Paperback edition.
Guiding readers through key writers and genres, historical contexts and major theoretical approaches, this is a comprehensive introduction to the study of popular fiction. Charting the rise of commercial fiction from the 19th century to today, The Bloomsbury Introduction to Popular Fiction includes introductory surveys, written by leading scholars, to a wide range of popular genres, including: Science Fiction Crime Writing Romance and Chick Lit Adventure Stories and Lad Lit Horror Graphic Novels Children's Literature Part II of the book also includes case-study readings of key writers and texts, from the work of HG Wells, Ian Fleming and Raymond Chandler to more recent books such as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The book also includes a chapter covering "The Writer's Perspective" on popular publishing, while annotated guides to further reading and online resources throughout give students the tools they need to pursue independent study on their courses.
London, 1932. Als die 21-jährige Alice ungewollt schwanger wird, schickt ihre Mutter sie auf ein Gut im malerischen Gloucestershire, um den Namen der Familie zu schützen. Fasziniert von dem verwunschenen Anwesen erwacht Alices Neugierde, und sie erfährt von dem tragischen Los der einstigen Gutsherrin Elizabeth. Das Geheimnis um die schöne Frau berührt sie auf eigentümliche Weise, und Alice begibt sich auf Spurensuche. Sie entdeckt eine große Liebesgeschichte - und einen schlimmen Verrat ...

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