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A wonderful summary of famous trials throughout history, from Jesus Christ to Oscar Wilde
Take a front row seat at the most exciting and influential trials the world has ever seen. Spanning 2,000 years, this volume is an extraordinary survey of historic courtroom confrontations, a compelling look at how humankind has coped with and attempted to define the concept and practice of justice. It brings to life eloquent defenses, powerful prosecutions, and controversial verdicts and delves into the social, moral, and legal issues surrounding each case. Some of the many cases examined are -- The Trial of Jesus -- Joan of Arc before the Inquisition -- The Salem Witch Trials -- Alred Dreyfus versus the French Goverment. -- The Scope's Monkey Trial The vivid re-creations of the trials are supplemented by biographies of the participants, summaries of the specific legal issues, historical photographs and illustrations, and editorial commentary. This book not only opens a window onto the past but impels us to take a new look at the narure and effects of our system of justice today.
Summoned to the Roman Courts is the first work by Detlef Liebs, an internationally recognized expert on ancient Roman law, to be made available in English. Originally presented as a series of popular lectures, this book brings to life a thousand years of Roman history through sixteen studies of famous court cases—from the legendary trial of Horatius for the killing of his sister, to the trial of Jesus Christ, to that of the Christian leader Priscillian for heresy. Drawing on a wide variety of ancient sources, the author not only paints a vivid picture of ancient Roman society, but also illuminates how ancient legal practices still profoundly affect how the law is implemented today.
"Famous Trials in History collects 100 significant legal trials from time periods and places ranging from Socrates in classical Greece and Joan of Arc in medieval France to Saddam Hussein in modern Iraq. Each entry includes the trial's key issues, a history of the case, a summary of arguments, the verdict, the significance of the case, and readings for further study."--P. [4] of cover.
Frederick Edwin Smith, 1st Earl of Birkenhead (1872-1930) was a lawyer and Conservative politician, and a great personal friend of Winston Churchill's.
1926. This book contains some trials in which the author was himself engaged for which it cannot be claimed that they fall into the category of "famous". The treatment of the cases is untechnical throughout, so that the narratives may easily be comprehended by laymen. They belong to very different periods of English history, some of which are now remote and curious. One of the greatest lawyers of all time gives the reader the inside history of many famous trials. These stories are among the most dramatic and fascinating in the world, and includes such trials as: trial of Mary Queen of Scots, trial of Deacon Brodie, man who stole the king's crown, frauds of the Bank of Liverpool, and many others.

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