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Using the groundbreaking formula they introduced in their book Financial Intelligence: A Manager's Guide to Knowing What the Numbers Really Mean, Karen Berman and Joe Knight present the essentials of finance specifically for entrepreneurial managers. Drawing on their work training tens of thousands of people at leading organizations worldwide, the authors provide a deep understanding of the basics of financial management and measurement, along with hands-on activities to practice what you are reading. You'll discover: Why the assumptions behind financial data matter - What income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements really reveal - How to use ratios to assess your venture's financial health - How to calculate return on your investments in your enterprise - Ways to use financial information to do your own job better - How to instill financial intelligence throughout your team Authoritative and accessible, Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs empowers you to "talk numbers" confidently with colleagues, partners, and employees-- and fully understand how to use financial data to make better decisions for your business.
The ultimate instructional guide to achieving success in the service sector Already responsible for employing the bulk of the U.S. workforce, service-providing industries continue to increase their economic dominance. Because of this fact, these companies are looking for talented new service systems engineers to take on strategic and operational challenges. This instructional guide supplies essential tools for career seekers in the service field, including techniques on how to apply scientific, engineering, and business management principles effectively to integrate technology into the workplace. This book provides: Broad-based concepts, skills, and capabilities in twelve categories, which form the "Three-Decker Leadership Architecture," including creative thinking and innovations in services, knowledge management, and globalization Materials supplemented and enhanced by a large number of case studies and examples Skills for successful service engineering and management to create strategic differentiation and operational excellence for service organizations Focused training on becoming a systems engineer, a critically needed position that, according to a 2009 Moneyline article on the best jobs in America, ranks at the top of the list Service Systems Management and Engineering is not only a valuable addition to a college classroom, but also an extremely handy reference for industry leaders looking to explore the possibilities presented by the expanding service economy, allowing them to better target strategies for greater achievement. The book was recently awarded the 2011 Best Book Award by the International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT.)
A wise investment. Revised and updated, this new edition of The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Personal Finance in Your 20s and 30s explains all the basic information anyone in this age group will need to manage their personal finances or enhance their financial plan to yield better returns on their investments. *Covers 401(k) and retirement planning plus investment strategies for the next decade *Budgeting tips forspiraling food and fuel costs, as well as the financial impacts of changing jobs and growing families *Homeownership options from building from scratch to townhouses and Condos *Up-to-date information on internetbanking and online mortgage brokers Download a sample chapter.
Recognizing the unique needs of the technology startup, Duening focuses on intellectual property development, funding, and marketing/selling more than other texts in this market. Extensive use of technology examples, case studies, and assignments keeps the book relevant and motivating for engineering students. Rich in case studies, examples, and in-chapter elements that focus on the challenges of launching and operating a technology venture In-depth examination of intellectual property development, valuation, deal structuring, and equity preservation, issues of most relevance to technology start-ups Extensive discussion of technology management and continuous innovation as a competitive advantage Addresses the issue of leading, managing, motivating, and compensating technical workers More time on the fundamentals of marketing and selling, as these are elements of entrepreneurship commonly most neglected by engineers and scientists
The planet is gradually but quickly shifting to a new world order, a new logic regarding how to do business and think about prosperity. No longer the rules of the past apply to grant our survival as a species. Today, more than in any other period in human history, spiritual laws must be known to allow an individual to prosper and find his meaning in the world, to guarantee is economic health. Very few people know about these laws and understand how they fit into a much wider plan, encompassing world events and a transition towards the Era of Aquarius. But, the ones that do, can, not only find a way to prosper, but also understand how to create wonderful and amazing ideas, as well as profit immensely from them and from anywhere on the whole planet. These individuals no longer think in numbers, countries or companies, because they have overcome the paradigm of the masses and are now seeing things from a much deeper and wider perspective. This book offers an opportunity to enter such realm and become part of it. Along these pages, you’ll learn about the financial laws of the spiritual world and how they operate to bring more abundance to your life, while permitting you to fulfill the plan of God and uplifting your conscience towards a more spiritual existence. You’ll also learn how to overcome the barriers that are and will continue being constantly imposed by governments and the elite in power. And, more than anything else, you’ll know which one is the fastest route to become a billionaire in today’s reality while guaranteeing your success for the many years to come. Who we are and what this planet is becoming has been increasingly unified under the same premises, not allowing us any longer to ignore our spiritual identity, as such may very well cause our own extinction as a species on the planet.

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