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The state of Florida has a unique place in the annals of national history and has been a constant contributor to the country’s identity. The 51 men who have served as the state’s governors are an essential part of its complex identity and have produced resonant material for historians of all ages. They have been farmers, generals, boat captains, restaurant owners, presidents, and sons of presidents. They have been given the office by both popular mandate and the happenstance of fate. These individuals have represented virtually every category of what it means to be a Floridian. Their lasting legacies can be felt every day by the state’s citizens. Since the drainage of the Everglades and the transformation of swamplands into beachfront paradises, Florida has lured Americans from various states to its sunny shores. It has seceded from the Union, determined the final verdict in many presidential elections, was the site of railroad monopolies, developed into a playground of the rich, and is the birthplace of a new kind of theme park—all while being led by these distinct individuals who, at their core, were Floridians first.
This book is an account of the origins, founding, and development in twentieth-century Florida of a people's museum that reflects Florida's changes through Spanish exploration, statehood, tourism, endangered manatees, and space development over a thousand years. This story of volunteerism leads to today's South Florida Museum and its several facilities.
This book explores the intricacies of the science-policy linkage that pervades environmental policymaking in a democracy. • Includes excerpts from 100 interviews with natural scientists and social scientists conducted over the past several years • Provides two figures illustrating the concepts of pluralism and elitism in the United States public policymaking process • Offers end-of-chapter reflection questions and suggested readings for students
Twice unsuccessful Democratic candidate for President of the United States, Adlai Stevenson played a key role in American politics throughout much of the middle of the Twentieth Century. This collection of essays from Senator Eugene McCarthy, Arthur Schlesinger, and others, looks at Stevenson's past and current societal significance.
The physical connections to most American presidents are deeply rooted in the past and unfamiliar. One can no longer see Washington’s birthplace or William Henry Harrison’s log cabin. Plains, Georgia, is different, and the attachment Americans have for it remains truly unique. Jimmy Carter in Plains: A Presidential Hometown tells the inspirational story of how one man and his community transformed a nation. When Jimmy Carter, a one-term governor of Georgia, announced his candidacy for president, few took him seriously. Yet, in just two years, he managed to pull off a spectacular and unprecedented victory, thanks to his personal style of politicking and the support of his hometown. Many of his neighbors campaigned for him, and they became known as the “Peanut Brigade.” Crowds started to flock to the sleepy hamlet of Plains, making celebrities out of the candidate’s mother, younger brother, and daughter. The exceptional photographs of Charles W. Plant guide the reader through the 1976 election, which made Plains “America’s hometown.”
An encyclopedia on the impact of war on American society from the first conflicts between Native Americans and Europeans to the Iraq War, containing four hundred alphabetized, cross-referenced entries, more than two hundred illustrations, and approximately ninety primary documents.

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