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World-changers. Rebels. Rejecters of the status quo. Throughout history, Christians were never meant to have a safe faith. Learn from the brave ones who have gone before you with Dangerous Prayers, an inspiring collection of prayers from people who have changed the world. Exploring historical figures, cultural icons, political leaders, saints, and martyrs, this book offers you a rich visual experience to explore the power of dynamic prayers. From St. Francis of Assisi to Harriett Tubman to Billy Graham, God can use ordinary people who pray courageous prayers to do extraordinary things for Him. No matter your age, position, or status, praying dangerous prayers will change your life—and likely the world around you as well. Gain wisdom from the prayer lives of spiritual giants and invigorate your faith as you consider those who came before you with Dangerous Prayers.
And he spake a parable unto them to this end that men ought always to pray, and not faint…Luke 18:1 From this we realized that prayer is the foundation, central and core pillar of Christianity that triggers all the exploits of the miraculous believer. In buttressing this point, we realize that the master’s disciples’ according to the eleventh chapter of Luke said Lord teach us how to pray as ………The disciples had walked with Jesus and had seen him working miracles, doing greater works, teaching and preaching, prophesying and healing yet they requested not any of these things but said Lord ‘’teach us how to pray..”. This is to say that, they caught the revelation secret of the master as getting things done in his ministry was how he could attract the attention of heaven through PRAYER. I still do not understand why the disciples did not say : Lord pray for us or Lord pray with us but Lord teach us. This means everyone can pray but everyone cannot receive answers to their prayer DANGEROUS PRAYERS

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