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A collection of four novels from the New York Times–bestselling, Edgar Award–winning mystery series starring a rabbi in a tiny New England town. Spend a long weekend with the scholar and spiritual leader who watches over the Jewish community in 1960s Barnard’s Crossing, Massachusetts—and in his spare time, solves crimes. Friday the Rabbi Slept Late: A young nanny is found dead in the temple parking lot—and her purse is discovered in Rabbi David Small’s car. Now he has to collaborate with the local Irish-Catholic police chief to exonerate himself. Saturday the Rabbi Went Hungry: Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, is defiled when a body is found—and the rabbi must uncover who has something to atone for. Sunday the Rabbi Stayed Home: When Passover is overshadowed by congregational politics and a murder at a local university, the rabbi must study the clues. Monday the Rabbi Took Off: Rabbi Small journeys to Israel for a bit of peace, but instead has to team up with an Orthodox cop to unravel a bombing case. Don’t miss these four mystery novels featuring an amateur detective who uses Talmudic logic—an introduction to the multimillion-selling series that provides both “an eye-opening snapshot of a particular time in Jewish-American history” and delightfully entertaining whodunits (Los Angeles Review of Books).
First in the New York Times–bestselling series and winner of the Edgar Award: A new rabbi in a small New England town investigates the murder of a nanny. David Small is the new rabbi in the small Massachusetts town of Barnard’s Crossing. Although he’d rather spend his days engaged in Torah study and theological debate, the daily chores of synagogue life are all-consuming—that is, until the day a nanny’s body is found on the rain-soaked asphalt of the temple’s parking lot. When the young woman’s purse is discovered in Rabbi Small’s car, he will have to use his scholarly skills and Talmudic wisdom—and collaborate with the Irish-Catholic police chief—to exonerate himself and find the real killer. Blending this unorthodox sleuth’s quick intellect with thrilling action, Friday the Rabbi Slept Late is the exciting first installment of the beloved bestselling mystery series that offers a Jewish twist on the clerical mystery, a delightful discovery for fans of Father Brown and Father Dowling or readers of Faye Kellerman’s suspense novels set in the Orthodox community.
Auf Rabbi David Small lastet ein schlimmer Verdacht: Hat er den jüdischen Friedhof entweiht, indem er dort einen Selbstmörder begrub? Der Rabbi und Amateurdetektiv ermittelt auf eigene Faust und findet heraus, dass der Mann ermordet wurde. Doch damit steckt er plötzlich in noch viel größeren Schwierigkeiten als zuvor. Der zweite Fall für Rabbi David Small, den kurzsichtigen, unsportlichen, aber überaus scharfsinnigen Schriftgelehrten, der nie um eine treffende Sentenz aus dem Talmud verlegen ist.
Polizeichef Lanigan ist ratlos. Er hat einen Fall mit zwei toten jungen Männern und keine Ahnung, wie die Morde zusammenhängen. Einer bezog offenbar Drogen vom anderen und wurde in Rabbi David Smalls zukünftiger Synagoge ermordet. Der Polizeichef nimmt mehrere junge Verdächtige fest, was deren Eltern – wichtige Persönlichkeiten in der jüdischen Gemeinde – überhaupt nicht passt. Seine Ermittlungen laufen ins Leere. Lanigan bleibt nichts anderes übrig, als den Rabbi um Hilfe zu bitten. Der dritte Fall für den legendären Rabbi David Small.
As Passover approaches, Rabbi Small contends with infighting, backstabbing, and an actual murder in this New York Times bestseller As Rabbi David Small’s 5-year contract winds down at the synagogue in Barnard’s Crossing, Massachusetts, some members of the congregation are plotting to remove him; others are whispering about starting a new temple of their own across the street. When the rabbi gets an invitation to perform Passover services at a local university, he’s eager to get away from the bickering and spend a few days on campus. But instead of peace and enlightenment, he finds a murder wrapped up in drug deals and racial tensions. From tuned-out hippies to political zealots, the college is full of potential suspects. Once again it’s up to the rabbi to draw on his deductive skills to solve the case—and avoid getting sucked into the bitter culture war—before the killer strikes again.
An einem Freitag wird die Leiche einer jungen Frau entdeckt. Sie war Kindermädchen und, wie bei der Obduktion festgestellt wird, schwanger. Wurde sie deshalb ermordet? Bald verhaftet die Polizei einen Verdächtigen. Doch Rabbi David Small glaubt nicht an dessen Schuld. Er überzeugt Polizeichef Lanigan, macht sich damit aber selbst verdächtig. Denn unter den Fenstern seiner Synagoge geschah der Mord, und in seinem Wagen wurde die Handtasche der Toten gefunden. Der erste Fall für den legendären Rabbi und Amateurdetektiv David Small.
As he counsels a woman considering conversion to Judaism, Rabbi Small takes a break from murder mysteries to discuss the mysteries of his religion. In Conversations with Rabbi Small, the rabbi finds himself taking a well-deserved vacation at a Jewish retreat in the mountains, where he reads, plays cards, and furthers his studies, which have been languishing for too long. When the rabbi’s wife is called back to the city to deal with an illness in the family, the rabbi meets a curious young woman in the midst of a life-changing moment. Joan is a gentile who is about to marry a Jewish man, and she is desperate for answers as she determines whether or not to convert to her betrothed’s religion. In Rabbi Small, she finds an ideal teacher. In a series of impassioned conversations, the rabbi guides her through the ancient mysteries and wonders of Judaism, giving guidance to both her and her husband-to-be. With humor and compassion, the rabbi shares the history, beliefs, and traditions that have linked Jewish people across the world for millennia.

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