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Do you want to be charged up every day? Do you want to be focused for every meeting? Do you want greater health, balance and happiness? Facing a continual barrage of tasks coupled with a tough economy, many people feel completely drained by day’s end. To stay ahead of the game, you need to capitalize on your energy, to go full throttle when needed. Based upon his years of research as well as his coaching experiences with professional athletes and top executives, Dr. Steinberg has developed an energy management system comprised of 6 key emotional strengths. When you learn to master these strengths, you will thrive on the inside, regardless of what is happening on the outside. Full Throttle is filled with incredible stories, realistic examples, topical insights and hands on tools-Here is what you can expect to gain from reading this book: Get Focused for every meeting Develop greater balance in your life Become more productive but work less hard Plug up all the energy drains Discover your inner flame of excellence Be able to overcome obstacles and adversity Be happier in your moments
By approaching workplace performance from the perspective of the theatre, my previous books2 have attempted to illustrate the connection between work and the world of drama and dramatic texts. Here now the emphasis is on performance at work, borrowing in many instances, as we shall see, from the theatre for the sake of satisfying an audience comprised of our stakeholders. That we are all performing at any moment is a noted idea. With the increasing presence of surveillance cameras in many towns and cities today, we are indeed almost continually in the spotlight. That said, personal performance in this book relates to our intentional actions as opposed to activities merely performed as habits or reactions to stimuli deriving from external sources. Focusing on performance, potential and the workplace, certain ideas were originally produced as material for my personal blog3 over the period June 2013-June 2014. Excerpted from the Introduction
This newly revised inspirational book will show you how to keep your head while others all around you are losing theirs. Jon Lavelle's recipe for a calmer, more fulfilled, and rewarding life is just what is needed in our hectic and pressured world. Here he shows you how to: -Win more arguments -Deal with workplace bullies, irritating, awkward, and exasperating people -Deal effectively with 'unreasonable' people -Take greater control over how you think about situations and events -Respond to people and circumstances in ways that leave you laughing with tears, not crying! -Spot and then control people who manipulate, use verbal tricks, or play 'mind games' -Deal decisively with people who exaggerate, make unfair judgements, distort facts, spread rumors, or twist things to suit their own ends, and much more You can only go away after reading this with a smile on your face, and a spring in your step.

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