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Gentle Persuasion is an encouraging appeal of all Christians of all ages and abilities to become part of God's strategy for brings needy men and women to Christ. Join Joe as he explains how cherry piess, hammers and saws, lawn mowers, broken-down cars, chariots of fire, babysitters, duck hunters, llama farmerss--and even attack lambs with steel wool--can draw your friends to the Savior.
Christianity may be the greatest story ever told, but in Western culture it is losing ground against the powerful forces of secularization. In examining the root causes of this cultural shift, does the church have anything to learn from secular society and the business sector? For decades the church has resisted the idea of using business methodologies in the religious sphere. Yet a closer look reveals that most church hierarchies have borrowed much of their organizational structure from the business sector. But the church is not alone in its borrowing. Today the lines between the church and the business sector are blurred, as both entities influence each other interchangeably. In Branded Faith, Rajkumar Dixit enters an engaging and intellectually stimulating analysis of what the church can learn from the business practices of marketing, branding, and contextualization. Using examples drawn from widely recognized companies such as Nike, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Subway, Dixit systematically builds a case for the power of a story, and emphasizes the importance of seeking culturally relevant ways to spread it. Those who care deeply about sharing Christianity powerfully and effectively will find in Branded Faith a thoughtful presentation of ideas on how to maintain the integrity of the gospel, while exploring fresh methods of communicating the good news to a postmodern society.
Many people will never hear a sermon. Christians, however, are walking sermons. This great book can help you make a difference in the faith of people God brings you in contact with. You can touch lives with the message of grace and forgiveness. Evangelism doesn't have to be difficult or complicated. In an easy-to-read format, Dave Stone will guide you toward a more effective way to bring your friends to Christ.
This Slim, Yet Significant Book Examines The Role Of Prayer In The Life Of A Nurse From A Variety Of Perspectives. To Encourage The Practice Of Prayer, Each Chapter Begins With A Meditation And Ends With A Prayer Reflective Of A Nurse’S Spirituality.
A Kansan visited the church of his ancestors in Sweden. On Sunday only ten of 800 members came to worship. The churches that gave Christianity to America are now writing our obituary--unless we avoid their pitfalls! Dr. Epp sees one hope: to "disciple" people within the church (Mt. 28:18f); that is, to train followers like Jesus did his Twelve. Chapter 1 details the crippled church. The next chapters clarify foundational aspects: salvation, "following" Christ & calculating cost. Chapters 5 to 11 accent the functional aspects of the church. Sharing the faith, shining our lights via deeds of kindness & tapping into prayer-power are themes that are underscored. The exercise of forgiveness is taught, as well as the need to relate to others in Christ-like compassion. Exciting examples punctuate each lesson. Epp, a Mennonite pastor & discipler, draws on 35 years of church experience & how he discipled 128 men at his own house. Chapter 11, The Healthy Church, asserts that churches dare not drift aimlessly. It cites Search Institute regarding the value of "family religiousness" & church educational skills. It insists that worship & Bible study are best augmented with a network of small groups where caring & accountability are experienced, where peers minister to each other. This calls for a biblical strategy. The final chapter invites all church members to consider adopting 10-year goals in areas like giving, sharing faith, praying, serving, forgiving & relating to others. A Guide for Discussion Leaders is included in the book. To order DISCIPLESHIP THERAPY, contact Stairway Discipleship, Box D, Henderson, NE 68371. 402-723-4851. Price: 12.95.

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