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Detective Sergeant Leyland Francis is returning to service after suffering serious injuries in the line of duty. His attempts to find some glint of solace and normality are shattered when he becomes tangled in a murder investigation headed up by his old friend D.C.I. Phil Mercer. This case find old and new friends, colleagues and enemies mixed together in London to face off against bullets, booze, vendettas, deceit, corruption, desire, revelations, incarceration, the criminal underworld and, ultimately, death. Was Leyland's contact with the victim all that it seemed? How can he contemplate adjusting to life with a new, unusual and unwanted power? If you like your stories action packed with more twists than a game of Pontoon, with a spoonful of the Paranormal thrown in too, then this book is for you!
A fire engulfs the stage. Dead Dogs Howl guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, Erik Devon survives, but scarred, his voice destroyed, his memory in shards. Presumed dead, he is blamed for the deaths of band members and crew. Forced into hiding, a ghost of his former self, Devon watches other musicians perform at his club. Then, one day, he hears her voice. Cara Friday pays homage to her dead idol by emulating Devon's style and performing his music. Discovered by the manager of Dead Dogs Howl, Cara is groomed to keep Devon's career alive, singing only his songs. How long will Devon's ghost haunt her? How long can she be his voice without losing her own? But someone is watching over Cara Friday's career. Someone in the shadows waits and listens. "GHOST SONG" adapts the tragic story of the Phantom of the Opera and brings it into the world of contemporary rock.
"Based on The railway series by The Reverend W Awdry."
Your mix can make or break a record, and mixing is an essential catalyst for a record deal. Professional engineers with exceptional mixing skills can earn vast amounts of money and find that they are in demand by the biggest acts. To develop such skills, you need to master both the art and science of mixing. The new edition of this bestselling book offers all you need to know and put into practice in order to improve your mixes. Covering the entire process --from fundamental concepts to advanced techniques -- and offering a multitude of audio samples, tips and tricks, this book has it all. Roey Izhaki teaches you the importance of a mixing vision, how to craft and evaluate your mix and then take it a step further. He describes the theory and the tools used and how these are put into practice while creating mixes. Packed full of photos, graphs, diagrams and audio samples, Mixing Audio is a vital read for anyone wanting to succeed in the field of mixing. New to this edition: * Multitracks provided to help practice mixing * Fully updated with current plug-in and software version and information * Companion website with a multitude of new samples including more macro-mixing samples * A new sample mix: Rock n' Roll
For almost a century, drovers moved cattle along the Murranji Track, despite scarce water, jungle-like scrub and its reputation as the Death Track. In this well-researched, detailed book Lewis provides the definitive account of the track, from the time of the Aborigines and early explorers, to its opening by the legendary Bluey Buchanan.
I found myself having paranormal experiences. For a long time I thought I was crazy till I took a picture and saw a shadow in the back ground. So I went round other location locations to see if I can find other images of ghosts. To my surprise there was lots of images that had weird stuff in them. I now believe there are thing out there that have not been explain and I will keep looking for the answers! In this book I have put some true stories in and some false stories. See if you can find out the true or the false without looking in the back of the book.

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