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A man dies on the operating table, and Inspector Cockrill suspects murderAs German V-1 rockets rain down on the English countryside, the men and women of the military hospitals fight to stay calm. The morning after a raid, Doctor Barnes prepares for a routine surgery to repair a postman’s broken leg. But with general anesthesia, there is always danger. Before the first incision is made, the postman turns purple. Barnes and his nurses do what they can, but the patient is dead in minutes. The coroner calls for an inquest. Barnes has a history of lost patients, and cannot afford more trouble. Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Cockrill is unimpressed by the staff at the hospital, which he finds a nest of jealousy, indiscretion, and bitterness. One of them, doctor or nurse, murdered the postman—and it won’t be long before they kill again.
Katinka Jones, Briefkastentante bei einer Frauenzeitschrift, erhält seltsame Briefe einer gewissen ›Amista‹. Bei einem Besuch in Südwales stellt sie fest, daß es diese ›Amista‹ gar nicht gibt. Hat sie nie existiert – oder ist sie verschwunden? Vielleicht kann Carlyon, ihr angeblicher Vormund, diese Frage beantworten ... (Dieser Text bezieht sich auf eine frühere Ausgabe.)
Ein schöner Ort zum Sterben Das Leben in Valley Farm scheint perfekt: Hier im Nordosten Englands leben vier Ehepaare in einem abgeschiedenen Tal seit Jahren ganz für sich. Doch die Idylle trügt: Der junge Patrick Randall, als Haussitter im luxuriösesten Anwesen des Tals beschäftigt, wird tot am Wegesrand aufgefunden. Kommissarin Vera Stanhope übernimmt mit ihrem Team die Ermittlungen. Bei der Durchsuchung des Anwesens stoßen sie auf eine zweite männliche Leiche. Die einzige Gemeinsamkeit der zwei Opfer: eine Faszination für seltene Falter. Als die Sozialarbeiterin Shirley Hewarth kurz darauf ermordet wird, steht Kommissarin Vera Stanhope vor ihrem schwierigsten Fall: drei Tote, die nichts verbindet, und vier Familien, die ganz eigene Leichen im Keller haben ... «Eine Kommissarin, die man mögen muss!» (Freundin) «Ann Cleeves wird nicht umsonst in England als die neue Queen of Crime gehandelt.» (WDR, Buch der Woche)
Collection of all the Inspector Cockrill short mysteries
From the Golden Age author of Green for Danger. “You have to reach for the greatest of Great Names to find Brand’s rivals in the subtleties of the trade” (The New York Times). Sir Richard’s family has spent years waiting for him to die, but despite his weak heart, the old man simply refuses to cooperate. In the meantime, he makes their lives miserable by changing his will every few months, depending on which of his strange brood he favors that moment. Now he calls them together to announce his most diabolical revision yet: complete disinheritance of all the wastrels who bear his name. But he never gets a chance to sign the papers—by morning, he’s dead. Scotland Yard sends Inspector Cockrill, the only detective clever enough to unravel the family’s tangle of jealousy and deceit. Each member had reason to kill Sir Richard, but which one plunged the syringe of poison into his heart? With a family this mad, nothing is as complicated as the truth.
Inspector Cockrill is called in to solve the murder of a most unpopular BelgianFew were disappointed when Raoul Vernet was found with his head bashed in, dead in a pool of his own blood. On vacation in England, the Belgian seducer comes to visit Matilda, an old flame from a few years before. She agrees despite suspicions that Vernet has been deploying his legendary charm on another member of the family: young Rosie, who has returned from her Swiss boarding school carrying a child. None of the family members were in the house when Raoul was killed, but all were within a fog-choked London mile. Rosie calls in the brilliant Inspector Cockrill to clear the family’s name, but what he finds is a twisted clan of seven people, each as likely to laugh at a murder as commit one.

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