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More art, music and literature have been devoted to Mary than to any other woman in history, and millions of believers make hard pilgrimages to visit her shrines every day. But why do Catholics pray to Mary in times of sorrow or need? And how does she help them develop a closer relationship to Christ? In Grieving with Mary, author Mary K. Doyle finds comfort and healing in devotion to the Blessed Virgin. Doyle walks readers through the illustrious history of the many ways Catholics have of approaching Mary, and encourages readers to use one or more of the following to nurture their own personal relationship with the Mother of God: [[Hymns and prayers [[Devotional art [[Shrines [[Rosary beads [[Labyrinths [[Feasts and processions When Catholics pray to Mary (or any other saint), they ask for her intercession. In prose that is clear and precise, Doyle makes clear that adoration of Mary does not replace worshipping God, but rather draws believers closer to God. Ultimately, devo
An expose’ of the heretical teachings of the Roman Catholic Church shows how the truths of the Bible and historical reality directly contradict key structures of this religious system. Designed for use as a Bible study, or to share with friends who want to understand Catholicism, or Catholics who have doubts about what they have been taught.
Mary was a perfect model of obedience, faith, and courage for her Son, Jesus, and today we continue to be inspired by her virtues and remain wrapped in her loving embrace. In addition to telling the stirring story of Mary's life, author Lisa Haddock has assembled a magnificent collection of traditional and contemporary prayers of Marian devotion that will help you bring Mary closer to you in your everyday life. This beautiful kit helps you celebrate the Virgin Mary's life every day and show you, through text and prayer, how this remarkable woman has transcended religious and cultural boundaries to inspire generations of people all over the world.
They wondered about, waited for, walked with and worked for Jesus. They experienced His company, His encouragement, His comfort, His instruction. And you can, too! This uplifting book of devotions provides background reading on selected New Testament women, plus Scripture portions, poetic commentary reflecting feelings of each woman and historical information about her times. Take a few moments and allow women like Mary, Martha, Salome—and their relationship with the Savior—to enrich and renew your own life.
Have you experienced a loss of a child or know someone who has? Mourning to Morning is a 90-day devotional filled with personal stories and “prescriptions for healing” that will help you process pain, grief, and anger, and come into wholeness after tragedy.
Come. For just a moment, escape the demands of the day. Slip into your favorite chair and savor a moment of peace. Just you, God, and the quiet thoughts within this book. Thoughts of renewal, joy, and inspiration-shared from the hearts of Christian women around the world.

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