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The author of the popular Green Witchcraft series presents her personal Book of Shadows, designed for you to use just as she uses it-as a working guide to ritual, spells, and divination. This ready-made, authentic grimoire is based on family tradition and actual magical experience, and is easily adaptable to any tradition of Witchcraft. Grimoire for the Green Witch offers a treasury of magical information- rituals for Esbats and Sabbats, correspondences, circle-casting techniques, sigils, symbols, recitations, spells, teas, oils, baths, and divinations. Every aspect of Craft practice is addressed, from the purely magical to the personally spiritual. It is a distillation of Green practice, with room for growth and new inspiration. 2004 COVR AWARD 1ST RUNNER-UP
Der goldene Gral ist aus dem Britischen Museum gestohlen worden! Jane, Simon und Barney sind entschlossen, ihn zurückzuholen. In Cornwall wohnen sie dem jährlichen Ritual der äGreenwitchä, der Schutzgöttin der Fischer, bei. Birgt sie den Schlüssel, mit dessen Hilfe sich die Inschrift auf dem heiligen Gral entziffern lässt?
Welcome to the world of the green witch—where nature and magick meet!Plants are a life-giving source of power for every witch. In Herbs for Witchcraft, you'll find everything you need to become adept at harnessing this power! The world of plant magick is one of the oldest and most exciting branches of witchcraft—and you too can learn this ancient art!What You'll FindThis book serves as your guide to all things plant magick. From learning what herbs are best for certain purposes to planning spells based on the season, Herbs for Witchcraft takes you through everything you need to get started in the world of green witchcraft. All of these spells and rituals are 100% original and come from Didi Clarke's firsthand experience with the magick of plants. In particular, you'll discover:Plant-based spells and ritualsPlant folkloreThe beliefs of green witchcraftNature-based Gods and GoddessesHow to communicate with the natural worldAnd much more!Are you ready to explore the wonder and power of the natural world?Herbs for Witchcraft is your complete guidebook to the art of plant magick—it's the perfect pick for witches and other spiritual seekers looking to get closer to nature! Buy it today and begin your journey!

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