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What is happiness? Where does it come from? How is it achieved? This concise book opens the door to this often-elusive state of being with new insights, guided meditations, helpful quotations, and much, much more. Holistic medical practitioner Dr. Paul Epstein offers help and healing so readers may find meaning and purpose, work through difficulty, follow their bliss, live, and thrive through the practice of happiness every day.
Presents a guide on how to use meditation to create joy and happiness.
Loving kindness, all encompassing compassion, is of greater importance today than ever before, because people's minds are filled with hatred, ill will and jealousy. The world is developed by war and strife, fear and panic. Human beings have become charged with inhumanity and reached a stage where mere sight is loathsome to each other. The chief cause of this could be attributed to the fact that, love, kindness and compassion have slipped away from their minds. Loving kindness is a unique aspect of the Buddha's teaching. Most often people from the Western world begin to learn about his teachings through meditation on this special feature of loving kindness. The training of the mind based on loving kindness is loving kindness mediation. The practice of this mental exercise and its benefits are described lucidly in this little e-book. This little booklet would be of immense help to all those who wish to develop thoughts of loving kindness and compassion to all beings.
Meditation: Achieve Your Inner Peace and True Happiness through Mindfulness MeditationIn our daily life, there are many things which we just cannot control. However, we can definitely take the responsibility of our own mind to change it positively. Buddhism says that meditation is the real medicine for our sorrows, fears, general confusions and hatreds which plague the condition of humans.You can completely transform your mind by meditating regularly.Practices of meditation develop and encourage emotional positivity, clarity, concentration, and a calmer attitude towards the genuine nature of various things around us.What you will learn in this book:* Meditation vs. Mindfulness* Physical Benefits of Meditation* Different types of Mindfulness Meditation* How to practice Mindfulness Meditation in your Daily Life* And much more!You Deserve A Better Life NOW! Stop thinking, take ACTION and Buy This Book!Scroll up and click "Buy now with 1-Click" button to receive this life changing information for just $2.99!
Real Happiness at Work brings the profound benefits of meditation to an area where people could use it most—the workplace. And it’s written by one of the world’s leading meditation teachers. A follow-up to Real Happiness, the New York Times bestseller, Sharon Salzberg’s Real Happiness at Work is a practical guide to improving work life through mindfulness, compassion, and ingenuity. It’s about being committed without being consumed, competitive without being cruel, managing time and emotions to counterbalance stress and frustration. It shows readers how to be more creative, organized, and accomplished in order to do better, more productive work. Dividing the idea of workplace satisfaction into eight pillars, Real Happiness at Work is filled with secular wisdom; core meditations on broad themes like motivation, awareness, and seeing the good in others; and more than a dozen exercises, including Moving From Me to We and When Things Go Wrong. Sprinkled throughout the book are short “stealth” meditations, the kind that are quick, private, and doable anywhere—“Let the phone ring three times, follow your breath, then pick it up” and “For an upcoming one-on-one conversation, resolve to listen more and speak less.” Even the best jobs are filled with stress, tough deadlines, impatient bosses, seemingly endless meetings—all the ills of harried life. But as science increasingly shows, meditation is the antidote.
Learn the most basic tool for successful living: Meditation. In Success Through Stillness, Russell Simmons, the original hip-hop mogul, illustrates the intimate connection between inner peace and outward success. A meditator for the past fifteen years, Simmons has trained with an observed other highly successful fellow meditators and shares how meditation has contributed to the success of innovators like Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Russell Brand, as well as other leaders in business, art, and entertainment. Russell lays out the research that explores both the mind and body benefits of meditation, as well as how stillness has been instrumental in sustaining his own career. He also shows the simplest path to the tool that will help you find greater clarity and focus throughout your workday to increase your productivity; unlock your creativity by allowing your inspiration to be heard over life's distractions; reduce stress; break out of harmful cycles; and even lower your blood pressure. 'An easy-to-read guide that explains why meditation is such a powerful tool for success and happiness.' San Francisco Examiner 'Success Through Stillnessmarks Simmons's continued effort to teach people how the practices of yoga and meditation can change their lives.' The Huffington Post
"If you have an interest in optimum mental health, this book belongs on your shelf!" —Amy Weintraub, author of Yoga for Depression "A must-read for anyone interested in overcoming depression and healing themselves naturally. A very important book that will elevate you in many ways. Everyone must seek it out." —Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D., author of Meditation as Medicine and Dead Brain Cells Don't Lie Activate the inherent wisdom of your mind-body Healing Depression the Mind-Body Way shines a new light on the darkness of depression by presenting specific antidepression strategies designed to help you unleash your innate healing potential. The time-tested advice presented in this book is based on the latest theories of modern science and the practical wisdom of Ayurveda, an ancient system of natural medicine. This unique book offers a comprehensive step-by-step program for eradicating the root of depression from the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your being. Through detailed questionnaires about your psycho-physiological profile and elemental imbalances, you will identify an archetype that most represents your experience with depression. Then, you will design a tailor-made health program to regain balance in your mind-body. You will learn to undo depression by: Identifying your unique manifestation of depression based on elemental imbalances Using yoga, exercise, and breathing techniques that are in sync with your specific physical, mental, and emotional needs Using food and meditation as medicine Whether you are battling a depressive episode or need support coping with the problems of daily living, this book will help you awaken the "physician within" and embark on a pathway to a life of balance and renewal.
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