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"This book will be constructed as a guidebook for healthcare organizations that are attempting BI/DW. It will address the primary functions of a business intelligence capability and how BI can ease the increasing regulatory reporting pressures on all healthcare organizations. Also included will be tables, checklists and a few forms. Tenative chapter contents: Chapter 1: What is Healthcare BI? Chapter 2: The Five Disciplines of Business Intelligence Chapter 3: The Importance of ETL Chapter 4: Starting with Data Governance Chapter 5: Creating a BI team Chapter 6: Data Modeling for Healthcare Chapter 7: Gaining Support for your BI program Chapter 8: Ensuring good User Adoption Chapter 9: Marketing Your BI Program Chapter 10: Maintaining Your BI Program"--
Solid business intelligence guidance uniquely designed forhealthcare organizations Increasing regulatory pressures on healthcare organizations havecreated a national conversation on data, reporting and analytics inhealthcare. Behind the scenes, business intelligence (BI) and datawarehousing (DW) capabilities are key drivers that empower thesefunctions. Healthcare Business Intelligence is designed as aguidebook for healthcare organizations dipping their toes into theareas of business intelligence and data warehousing. This volume isessential in how a BI capability can ease the increasing regulatoryreporting pressures on all healthcare organizations. Explores the five tenets of healthcare businessintelligence Offers tips for creating a BI team Identifies what healthcare organizations should focus onfirst Shows you how to gain support for your BI program Provides tools and techniques that will jump start your BIProgram Explains how to market and maintain your BI Program The risk associated with doing BI/DW wrong is high, and failuresare well documented. Healthcare Business Intelligence helpsyou get it right, with expert guidance on getting your BI programstarted and successfully keep it going.
Web service technologies are redefining the way that large and small companies are doing business and exchanging information. Due to the critical need for furthering automation, engagement, and efficiency, systems and workflows are becoming increasingly more web-based. Web Services: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications is an innovative reference source that examines relevant theoretical frameworks, current practice guidelines, industry standards and standardization, and the latest empirical research findings in web services. Highlighting a range of topics such as cloud computing, quality of service, and semantic web, this multi-volume book is designed for computer engineers, IT specialists, software designers, professionals, researchers, and upper-level students interested in web services architecture, frameworks, and security.
The human condition is affected by numerous factors in modern society. In modern times, technology is so integrated into culture that it has become necessary to perform even daily functions. Human Development and Interaction in the Age of Ubiquitous Technology is an authoritative reference source for the latest scholarly research on the widespread integration of technological innovations around the globe and examines how human-computer interaction affects various aspects of people’s lives. Featuring emergent research from theoretical perspectives and case studies, this book is ideally designed for professionals, students, practitioners, and academicians.
Analytics in healthcare: An introduction product details : 1) It gives clear insights about healthcare analytics. 2) This is helpful for both student and staff. 3) Includes data governance and DELTA analytics maturity model. 4) Quick and manageable to read.

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