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A psychiatrist and nationally syndicated radio host presents a five-point plan for creating healthy and loving relationships, offering advice on how to find an appropriate partner, commit to a relationship, overcome personal barriers to love, and adapt to the outside world. Reprint. 20,000 first printing.
Love or Lust — Which Is It? This self-scoring questionnaire answers the question for anyone who is in any relationship with any one else! It takes courage to dare to tell the truth to yourself — even in private. Yet, once you do it can lead to assuring that you do or do not have a relationship built on mutual love. If the result is yes you are in a relationship based on mutual love then go on into the joys and sunset of life with gusto. If your relationship is not built on mutual love then give it up and look elsewhere with the Love or Lust Assessment as your ongoing roadmap in the journey of life.
Have you ever tried to figure out your life's affairs and the math didn't add up? Does your life seem complex, puzzled, confused, chaotic, defeated, challenging misunderstood more often than normal? If you answered "yes," then this self-help book is for you. This book will be a great tool in your journey toward wholeness and a deeper awareness of who you are in the (true calling of God's) words. This book will challenge you to change for the better. You will be living a more fulfilling, radiant, vibrant, energetic, passionate life with divine purpose.
How to Get Over a Broken Heart? Try Journaling. It's an Effective, Proven Method of Releasing Pain on Paper. When it's down on the page, you can examine your emotions with more rationality. A journal is a safe place to express your honest thoughts and emotions without the risk of judgment from others. As you follow these writing prompts, you'll find that inner part of your soul emerging to guide you and give you the answers you didn't think you had. You’ll begin to understand why your relationship didn't work out, as well as uncover some of the insecurities and blockages to your happiness, and how to find the gifts and lesson in your current state of pain and recovery. Coping with a breakup or divorce is a challenging time and everyone heals at their own pace. This book gives you 30 journal prompts to get to the heart of the matter and help you speed up the recovery process. Each one begins with an inspirational quote from great men and women of the past and present You can do the journal prompts consecutively, or you can pace them by taking breaks between the days if you find the work to be emotionally heavy. A relationship consists of two people, which is why this book is divided into two sections: 15 prompts about your ex, and 15 that focuses on you. By doing this work, you'll be taking the steps to: ♥Let go of your ex ♥Uncover what made you incompatible ♥Why you were attracted to him in the first place ♥Analyze your true beliefs about love ♥How to be more positive in love and in life ♥Find out what REALLY makes you happy in a romantic relationship ♥How to take care of yourself and fulfill your own happiness and be less needy ♥How to create a healthy, inter-dependent relationship the next time around Whether it's letting go of a first love or healing from a nasty divorce, letting go of an ex is the first step in attracting your TRUE soulmate into your life. Buy the book and get started with this work today.

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